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Dec 12, 2022 | Ruth Vary | 6962 views
Rep Coach Survey
Please, take the time to fill out this year's Parent Survey.

If you did not get a link (again, it was sent to the email address you used to register), send an email to general.adm[email protected] and we'll get one sent to you.  

Greetings Rep Parents,

 By now you should have received an email with a link to this year's Parent Survey. The email is generally sent to the email address you used for your child’s hockey registration.

 Here are some important FACTS about the Parent Survey and the importance of your review and comments:

 The Parent Survey is a very important input in the Coach Selection and Development Process. We have over 50 Rep teams that are overseen by 3 volunteer, and therefore rely on on-going feedback to evaluate our coaches. That is why we need to hear from you! If you and your child love your coach, let us know. If you don't love your coach, let us know but be constructive. If you like your coach but he/she could improve in a few areas, let us know.

  1. Parent Survey participation is decreasing which presents a challenge for our Coach Selection Committees. If we receive 6 surveys from a team and 2 are positive, 2 are negative, 2 are neutral and 11 don't get submitted, what are we supposed to do/conclude? Some teams where everyone is happy don't fill out the Parent Survey because they think 'why bother? I am happy, my kid is happy'. Some teams where everybody is unhappy don't fill out the survey because they fear repercussions to their child during tryouts. So, when a team submits 2 surveys (it happens), they are either a very happy team or a very unhappy team. This does not help the Club assess the teams/coaches properly.
  2. The Parent Survey is always confidential . Survey details/specifics are NEVER shared with coaches and never have been. If some general themes appear in the surveys, those are shared with returning coaches to help them improve. For example, a coach could be told that practices are considered poorly organized or that they shorten the bench too early/often or that there is not enough focus on skill development. They will never be told any names and they will not even see an excerpt (in case a coach could identify your writing style). The point is, no kid is getting cut because their parent(s) submitted a negative parent survey. 
  3. The Parent Survey is very important BUT it is only 1 part of the Coach Selection Process. There are interviews, reference checks, hockey program evaluations and result evaluations. There also needs to be more than 1 qualified candidate! Despite our best efforts, the number of coaching applications declines almost every year. In some cases, the Coach Selection Committee has to go with a qualified but ‘contested' coach because no one else applied.
  4. Rep Coaches are going to upset players/parents. It is built into the job. Coaches need to cut players; need to decide who is on PP and PK; need to decide who is on what line; need to decide who is on the ice in the last minute of a tied playoff game. Simple math says that those decisions are going to upset more people than they please. So, try to be objective, fair-minded and constructive in your feedback.
  5. You need to fill out the Parent Survey today or you can't complain next year (which happens all the time). Parents come to us in the Fall and say, 'I can't believe you guys brought back this Coach.' We then ask, 'did you fill out a parent survey last year?' and 9 times out of 10 they say, 'no'.

 Please, take the time to fill out this year's Parent Survey. If you did not get a link (again, it was sent to the email address you used to register), send an email to [email protected] and we'll get one sent to you.

 Thanks in advance. All the best to you and your family this holiday season! See you around the rinks.

John Verdon

Oakville Rangers Hockey Club - President