New Player Registration (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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Registration for the 2021/22 Season is currently : CLOSED


You have reached this page because you indicated that the Player you are registering is brand new to hockey and has never played in any organized league anywhere. If you have in fact played in an organized league before, please click here. If your Division is full, please click here to be added to the Wait List.

Your first time registering for hockey is a little more involved than it is for returning players, with a few additional steps. Players who are brand new to organized hockey will need to:

  1. Have a Hockey Canada Player Profile created
  2. Complete the Parent Respect In Sport Course
  3. Complete the online Registration and Payment Process

Next year you will only need to complete the third step to get registered - it is only the first time you register that you will need to complete steps one and two. It is not a difficult process, and the information below walks you through each task step by step and also provides information on what to expect once you are registered.

Step One: Submit the Profile Request Form
Please click here to access the Profile Request Form. This form, and the information it gathers, will be used to create your Player Profile in Hockey Canada and to get you set up for the next steps. You will receive an email when this is complete along with detailed instructions on how to proceed. Be patient! We turn around these requests as quickly as we can, but it can take up to 7 business days to get your profile created. Please note this is the beginning of the registration process. NOTE: (The submission of the Profile Request form does not guarantee a spot with our association).

Step Two: Complete the Parent Respect in Sport Course
Once Step One is completed the ORHC Office will email you detailed instructions on how to complete the Parent Respect In Sport course. This course is a requirement that was mandated by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association in 2014. Only one parent needs to complete the course, and it only needs to be completed once - you will not need to do this every year. The course has a one-time cost of $12. This fee is set by the OMHA and is subject to change. Players whose parent has not completed the RIS Course are not eligible and will not be allowed on the ice. If you have already completed the Parent Respect In Sport for one of your other children please reply back to the office when you receive this email and let us know.

Do not complete the Parent Respect in Sport course until directed to do so by the ORHC office!

Step Three: Complete the Hockey Canada Online Registration
Once you pass the Parent Respect In Sport course you will be ready to complete the registration! You will receive one final email with instructions on how to complete the Player Registration in the Hockey Canada Registration System. This is the point where Payment for your registration will also need to be completed, during the check out. The available payment options are Visa, Visa Debit, and Mastercard.

Step Four: You're registered... Now what?
Your registration is not complete until all three steps above are complete - your Hockey Canada Profile has been created, you have registered and completed payment in the Hockey Canada Registration System, and one parent has completed the Parent Respect In Sport course. The below steps will not happen unless all three steps above are complete. Once your registration is complete, this is what happens next:

First up are the Evaluations. House League is divided into several divisions based on where the player is in their development. Players of a like skill and Development Path are grouped together to create fair and balanced Divisions for the kids to play. The groupings are determined based on on-ice evaluations that happen in September. The Fall Evaluation Schedule will be posted on the ORHC Website in late August and you will receive an email from the House League Executives with the exact date and time for your child’s Evaluation Skate. It is very important that you attend your evaluation - please keep an eye out for this email. If your Division’s evaluations are within 48 hours and you have yet to receive an email with your specific date and time please contact the House League Executives at [email protected] for assistance.

Team Assignment & Meet The Coach
Once the Evaluations are complete the Division Coaches will get together with the House League Executives and the teams for each Division are built. This is done in a number of ways and using a number of different methodologies, based on the age group and Division. It is a long process - don’t expect to hear from a coach an hour after the Evaluation! Once your child has been assigned to a team the Team Coach will reach out to you and let you know when the team is getting together for the first time, and to let you know what to expect next. If you have not heard from your coach by October 10th please contact the House League Executives at [email protected] for assistance.

Practice & Game Schedules
There are exceptions, but most teams have one game and one practice per week. The House League season typically begins in mid October and runs until March, wrapping up with the House League Playoffs after the March Break. The ORHC works hard to post the House League schedule as early as possible, but the building of this schedule is a very lengthy and complicated process. The schedule will be posted to the ORHC website in September, but it will be tentative and subject to change without notice until October 31st.

Registration Payment is only accepted online using Visa, Visa Debit, or MasterCard