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Oakville Rangers Hockey Club
Highlighting Cross-Ice Gameplay in Action

Adding to the growing list of resources to provide to associations for cross-ice and half-ice programming, Hockey Canada has released a video highlighting a half-ice hockey game in action. The video further supports coaches and administrators in carrying out Programming Novice and Below. The roll-out plan that started this past season will take continue to take place this year in Tyke and next year in the Novice age group. Limited whistles and rules emphasis in the programming allows players to stay involved and engaged in the play. It puts the focus back on the physical literacy part of movement skills while introducing the basic, fundamental technical skills specific to hockey.

In the video, the rink is setup with dividers that split the ice surface into two. It explains how to utilize nets and benches and maximizing space and use of the ice.

The basic rules, including the division of playing time, are also shown. There is a referee on the ice keeping an eye on the play and the video explains how to call penalties and what to do when the puck is frozen or a goal is scored. Since there is no offside or icing called, the action is always flowing and the players remain engaged throughout.

To learn more about the set-up, gameplay and rules for cross-ice hockey, please click here

Have a look at the video below to see Cross-Ice Hockey in action