Same Team & Specific Coach Requests (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

PrintSame Team & Specific Coach Requests

This page provides information pertaining to Same Team Requests (also known as Friend Requests) and requests to be placed with a specific coach

If you would like to be placed on a team with a sibling or a friend please click here to fill out and submit a Friend Request. Please note, there is absolutely no guarantee what so ever that your request can be met. The fact is, more often than not these requests actually cannot be accommodated. As much as we would like to place the kids on teams with all of their friends, the ORHC's first priority is creating teams that are fairly balanced and competitive, in an attempt to ensure that every player in the Association has a fair and equitable season. Priority is given to requests for siblings to be on the same team. Please also note that Friend Requests (this does not apply to Siblings) must come from BOTH sides. For example, it is not enough for Johnny to submit a Friend Request to be on a team with Janey - Janey also has to submit a request to be on a team with Johnny. Same team requests WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED after August 31st.