Tournament Rules, Frank Sabatino Memorial Tournament, 2019-2020 (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

This Tournament is part of the 2019-2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
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1. The 2020 Frank Sabatino Memorial Tournament (FSMT) will be held from Friday January 17 to Sunday January 19, 2020. Games will be played at the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex and Joshua's Creek Arenas and, or other venues as noted on the schedule posted on the tournament website at

2. This is an OMHA sanctioned tournament and will be played under OMHA rules. There is no body checking permitted in this tournament, as per OHF rules. FIGHTING related penalties (major and game misconduct) will result in an automatic tournament expulsion. Any GROSS MISCONDUCT or MATCH PENALTY will result in an automatic tournament expulsion. Any other GAME MISCONDUCT penalty will result in additional suspension of tournament games according to OMHA rules.

3. A Team Official must arrive one hour prior to their first scheduled game and report to Tournament Headquarters (Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, 3070 Neyagawa Blvd, Oakville). If not already submitted, Team Official must bring their official approved Hockey Canada team roster and a travel permit when checking in. 

4. Alternate players (APs) are not permitted unless they are on the team's approved roster which must be presented to the FSMT committee prior to their team's first game. Only officially AP’d players will be eligible to play in the tournament. Any team who attempts to use or who uses a player not on their submitted team roster will be disqualified from the tournament without refund.

5. Preliminary games will have three 10-minute stop time periods. Semi-Final and Championship games may be of a longer duration - Coaches will be advised prior to the start of the game. 

6. Teams must be prepared to start their game 10 minutes prior to their scheduled start times. Teams will be allowed a 2-minute warm-up. Teams that are not on the ice for the start of their game will be issued a 2-minute delay of game penalty to start the game. If a team is not on the ice and ready to play 5 minutes after their start time, the team will forfeit the game by a score of 3-0. The opposing team will be awarded 5 points (see point 12). Teams will be considered in default if unable to ice the minimum player requirements within 5 minutes of scheduled start time.

7. Players and coaches are to shake hands prior to the start of each game.

8. Teams will be allowed ONE 30 second time out per game.

9. The Tournament Committee will advise of sweater colours. Whenever possible, the 'Home' team (as noted on game sheet) will wear 'white/light' sweaters and 'Visitors' will wear 'dark' sweaters.

10. The Tournament Format, Rules and Regulations will be included in the Tournament program, will be posted at the Tournament Headquarters and will also be posted on the Tournament website ( It is the responsibility of Team Officials to understand and abide by the Tournament Rules and Regulations.

11. a) At the end of each game, each coach will select a Game Star from their own team and submit the player's name to the Head Referee. Game Star awards will be presented by the Head Referee on the ice to each player (time permitting) or in the dressing room by a Team Official. 
b) At the end of each game, each coach will notify the Head Referee if a player has scored a hat trick or a goalie has earned a shutout. Trophies will be awarded by the Head Referee on the ice (time permitting) or in the dressing room by a Team Official for a player's FIRST shutout or hat trick only.

12. Points are awarded for winning/tying periods and the game (1 point for each period won, ½ point for each period tied, 2 points for each game won, 1 point for each game tied). 

13. After the 3 game preliminary round, the winning team in each division will advance to the semi-finals. Teams will be ranked for the Semi Finals with 1 playing 4 and 2 playing 3.  

Play-off qualification and ranking positions for all divisions will be based on the priority rules below. In the event of a tie in total points (within a division) after the completion of the three (3) games, or to determine the qualification or ranking of playoff teams, the following priority rules will be applied:

Division Standings or Playoff Ranking Determination:

a) Most Points
b) Most Wins

c) Record versus Team Tied With: the team that won the head-to-head game. If this game was tied - OR - if more than 2 teams are still involved, then go to d).
d) Goals Against Ratio: the goals against ratio is determined by: (Goals For) / (Goals For + Goals Against), the team having the highest percentage will advance.
e) First Goal: the team that scored the first goal in the game between the two teams tied. If no goals were scored in the game played - OR - if more than 2 teams are still involved, then go to f).
f) Least Penalties: the team with the least total penalty minutes in the three games will advance.
g) Coin Toss: if the teams are still tied, the Tournament Director will decide the position with the toss of a coin.

14. In the event of a tie at the end of 3 periods in the Semi-Finals and Championship Game, the play will go into sudden victory (sudden-death) overtime and if necessary, a shoot-out, as follows:
a) Overtime: 10 minute sudden victory, stop time overtime – 4 on 4 skaters plus goalies.
Notes for sudden victory overtime:
i. Goalies may be removed for an extra skater at the coach’s discretion during overtime.
ii. Normal penalties will apply in overtime and time remaining on a penalty at the end of regulation time will be carried over into overtime.
b) Shoot-out: 3 players from each team - coaches to advise Head Referee of 3 player #'s selected prior to shoot-out.
• Player from Visiting team goes first, then alternate until all 6 shooters have finished.
• If still tied after 3 shooters, individual shots continue: coaches to advise Head Referee of player # from remaining players (No player can go twice until all players (excluding goalies) have participated.).
• Player from Visiting team goes first. If necessary, repeat with additional shooters until 1 team scores and 1 team misses

15. Awards will be presented on-ice for the final two teams after the Championship game.

16. A decision by any member of the Tournament Committee, whether or not specifically addressed by these rules, shall be binding upon all Tournament participants. The Tournament Committee shall have the authority to grant exemptions from or make modifications to any of the rules when it considers it fair and appropriate to do so in any specific situation. No protests are allowed.

The decision of the Tournament Committee is final.