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Permission To Skate, Waiver, and Release Information

The below information applies to Players (and Goalies) trying out for an Oakville Rangers team. If you are an Oakville Player looking for a Waiver or PTS to tryout for a team outside of Oakville please click here for information.

Do I need a Permission To Skate? Do I need a Release? Or a Waiver?
This is a very common question at Tryout time but one that, unfortunately, does not usually have a simple answer. Determining whether you require any additional paperwork for your tryout can be complicated. On this page we list out the information you'll need as clearly and concisely as we can, but it is almost impossible to cover every possible scenario. If after reading through this page you are still unsure whether or not you will need a Permission To Skate, a Release, or a Waiver before Trying out for an Oakville Rangers team please contact your Home Center to review your scenario.

When establishing whether or not you will need any additional paperwork prior to attending a Tryout the first question you have to ask yourself is Do I live within the Lake Ontario Region (LOR)?

Lake Ontario Region (LOR)

What is the LOR Lake Ontario Region?
LOR stands for Lake Ontario Region. The LOR encompasses the whole of the GTHL (Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, and Vaughan) and the OMHA Associations/Centres (Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham, Ajax and Pickering). It has been in existence since the 1997-1998 season, to address the unique geographical area in and around the Greater Toronto Area. If you live within the LOR you are governed by the LOR Regulations. More information about these rules and regulations can be found at

The below image maps out the most common Permission To Skate (PTS), Waiver, and Release scenarios. It does not, by any means, cover every possible situation, but it should answer the question for most of the people reading this page. If after reading this you are still unsure as to whether or not you need additional paperwork prior to trying out contact your Home Center for clarification.

Do I Need A PTS, Waiver, or Release
Click the image above to download it

If you reside within the Lake Ontario Region (LOR) you can only tryout for a team within the LOR. The only exception to this rule are Players trying out for a AAA Team with a AAA F1 Waiver. If you are trying out for a team (at any level) from U10 to U13 you are first required to attend the Tryout in your Home Center. Your Home Center is not required to provide you with a Release if they have offered you a spot on their team.

Please click here to review the OHF LOR Player Movement Regulations and for more information.

How do I request a PTS, Release, or Waiver?
Your PTS, Waiver, or Release will not be issued by the Oakville Rangers – it will be issued by either your Home Center or by the club you played for last season. Each center has their own process for requesting these documents. For information on how to request the paperwork you require please contact your Home Center.

A note regarding Residency
Residency refers to the Players primary residence at the time of the Tryout. For example, let's say you currently live in Mississauga. You've purchased a new home and you know you are moving to Oakville, so you want to try out for an Oakville team. At the time of the Tryout you are still a Mississauga resident and have to approach the try out as a Non-Resident - you will need either a Permission to Skate or a Release from Mississauga before you attend the Tryout in Oakville. As a rule of thumb - if you are trying out in Oakville because you are moving to Oakville but you do not reside in Oakville as of yet please speak to Cheryle Hinder ([email protected]) prior to registering for the Tryouts.

The ORHC believes very strongly in keeping Oakville kids playing hockey in Oakville. In support of this belief, the ORHC maintains a policy that Imports and Non-Residents will not be accepted on Rep Teams in AA or lower. While the rare exception to this policy has been made in the past for extenuating circumstances, those exceptions are few and very far between. To help enforce this policy, if you are not a resident of Oakville and you are applying for a AA or lower Tryout, the Tryout Portal will not allow you to pay for and complete your application until the coach has approved it. If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance that would warrant an approval, please reach out to the Coach to discuss. The coaches and their contact information is listed at