President's Fund 1v1 Summer Video Challenge (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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President's Fund 1v1 Summer Video Challenge

Welcome to the Presidents Fund 1v1 Summer Video Challenge! The Oakville Rangers Hockey Club is committed to ensuring that no Oakville family is prevented from participating in hockey due to financial circumstances. We recognize that hockey can be an expensive sport to play and want to ensure that our members feel comfortable coming forward if they need assistance. This initiative provides financial assistance to local families for both House League and Rep programming.

In support of the Oakville Rangers President's Fund, the ORHC has teamed up with Tourney Mint to deliver a fun and healthy way to help keep kids active and engaged. The Summer Video Challenge will be virtual, and thus conducted in a manner that continues to observe social distancing practices.

The Presidents Fund 1v1 Summer Video Challenge is a free event where kids will be combining their creativity and hockey skills on a virtual platform. Although this is a free event, ORHC is trying to raise funds to provide financial assistance to those that need it. If you want to show your support and contribute to this initiative please click here to do so.

How does it work?
Each division has their own submission page for participants to upload their videos (the links the these pages are below) and Participants will be competing against other kids their own age in a series of exciting challenges!

  • Week One: Stick Handling Spectacular
    Have you got hands like Marner and moves like Kane? Put your mad skills on display and show us your puck magic as you drag and dangle your way around a series of objects or maybe an opponent or two. Remember - it's totally okay to embarass your dad when you deke him out of his shoes!

  • Week Two: Hand-Eye Coordination
    Sidney Crosby has hand-eye coordination that is out of this world! Show us what you've got! How long can you keep the puck in the air? Hows your tip shot? Be creative, have some fun with it! Maybe even try a trick or two...

  • Week Three: Sizzling Shots
    Time to load the cannon and get your sniper on! Let's see that snap shot! How hard can you shoot? How many targets can you hit in a row? Its time to go Bardown and wow the crowd with your shooting skills.

  • Week Four: Breakaway Bananza
    Whats your breakaway move? Between the legs like Malik? The Blake Spinorama? Or maybe the Datsyuk Flip? Show off your sick moves on this breakaway challenge, and don't forget the celly!!

On the Monday of each week, starting July 27th, a hockey challenge will be provided via the Oakville Rangers Facebook and Instagram feed. Each participant will then have until Saturday night at 9pm of the same week to upload their submission. The most votes wins - so promote your video in your own social media accounts! Voting will be live until Sunday at 9pm each week.

Participants are not required to submit a video every week - but the more you participate the better your chances for winning the grand prize! Each week a participant is allowed to upload 1 video only. Multiple videos by the same participant during the same week will be deleted.

To view the full Rules and Regulations please click here.

More than just bragging rights!
The kids will be competing for more than just bragging rights! Thanks to our generous sponsor BarDown we have some great prizes to give away as well as trophies for the Champions of each division after the culmination of the 4 week event! Giveaways will be provided as follows, at the conclusion of the event:

  • Each week, the top voted video in each Division will be showcased on our social media channels
  • After the culmination of the 4 week event the participant in each Division whose videos recieved the most votes collectively will be Division Champion and be awarded a trophy and a $100 Gift Certificate for BarDown!!
  • We are also giving away 5 $25 BarDown Gift Certificates to the particiapnt that posts the favorite videos as selected by the ORHC and Tourney Mint staff

How much does it cost to participate
That's the best part - it's free!! If you wish to make a contribution to the Presidents Fund to assist Ranger families in returning to hockey this season you can do so by visiting Your contribution will be going to a great cause!

Sign me up! How do i submit my video AND VOTE?
Participants will register and compete in their respective divisions based on their year of birth. To submit your video simply click on the link below to your Division and fill out the form.

Thank you to our partners! Partners