Schedule & Results, Frank Sabatino Memorial Tournament, 2017-2018 (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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Friday, January 19, 2018
PW-B355:00 PMJC Red Oakville Wolfpack1-1Oakville Orange Crush
PR-B625:00 PMSM 1 Oakville Storm0-2Oakville St Hildas Eagles
AR-B75:15 PMSM 3 Newmarket Redmen4-0Caledon Hawks
AR-A15:30 PMSM 2 Burlington Bulldogs1-2Brampton 45's MD1
PW-C415:30 PMJC Blue Woolwich Wildcats Peewee LL #25-1Oakville Barracudas
AR-C135:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Knights4-1Guelph Jr Gryphons
PW-A296:00 PMJC Red West London Hawks Peewee C64-1Oro Thunder Peewee LL 1
PR-B616:00 PMSM 1 Caledon Hawks4-1Barrie Colts Scotiabank Teal
AR-B86:15 PMSM 3 Oakville Burgundy Bullz1-1Oakville Blues
AR-A26:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Green Machine5-2Leaside Flames
PW-C406:30 PMJC Blue Oakville Admirals0-8Centre Wellington PW #43
AR-C146:45 PMSM 4 Peterborough Budd Wealth Mgmt Atom Select 47s3-3Oakville Phantoms
PW-B347:00 PMJC Red Newmarket Ridge Black5-1Kanata Ice Hawks Peewee B4
PR-A567:00 PMSM 1 Oakville Golden Knights1-3Meadowvale Hawks #72
AR-D197:15 PMSM 3 Oakville Ice Raiders4-2Northumberland Nighthawks
PW-D477:30 PMJC Blue Penetang Flames Busy Bee Taxi LL 22-2Oakville Ducks
PR-C677:30 PMSM 2 Brampton MD35-1Barrie Ice Dragons
AR-D207:45 PMSM 4 Plymouth Sharks2-1Pelham Panthers Atom LL 2
PW-A288:00 PMJC Red Oakville Lightning1-7East Lambton Eagles Peewee White
PR-A558:00 PMSM 1 Burlington Bulldogs Peewee Select0-4Brampton MD1
PR-D738:15 PMSM 3 Meadowvale Hawks #620-5Barrie Ice Dogs
PW-D468:30 PMJC Blue Nepean Raiders0-9Beeton Stingers
PR-C688:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Kings3-0Oakville Flyers
PR-D748:45 PMSM 4 West End Antique$3-2Oakville St. Pats
Saturday, January 20, 2018
AR-C158:00 AMSM 1 Oakville Phantoms4-4Guelph Jr Gryphons
AR-A38:00 AMJC Red Leaside Flames0-2Brampton 45's MD1
AR-D218:15 AMSM 3 Pelham Panthers Atom LL 20-5Northumberland Nighthawks
AR-B98:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Blues5-1Caledon Hawks
AR-B108:45 AMSM 4 Oakville Burgundy Bullz3-3Newmarket Redmen
AR-C169:00 AMSM 1 Peterborough Budd Wealth Mgmt Atom Select 47s2-2Oakville Knights
AR-A49:00 AMJC Red Oakville Green Machine3-3Burlington Bulldogs
AR-D229:15 AMSM 3 Plymouth Sharks2-6Oakville Ice Raiders
PW-B379:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Wolfpack0-5Newmarket Ridge Black
PW-C429:45 AMSM 4 Oakville Barracudas4-10Centre Wellington PW #43
PW-A3010:00 AMSM 1 Oro Thunder Peewee LL 14-1East Lambton Eagles Peewee White
PW-D4810:00 AMJC Red Oakville Ducks0-5Beeton Stingers
PW-B3610:15 AMSM 3 Oakville Orange Crush1-0Kanata Ice Hawks Peewee B4
PW-A3110:30 AMSM 2 West London Hawks Peewee C63-2Oakville Lightning
PW-C4310:45 AMSM 4 Woolwich Wildcats Peewee LL #21-2Oakville Admirals
PW-D4911:00 AMJC Red Penetang Flames Busy Bee Taxi LL 27-2Nepean Raiders
PR-D7511:15 AMSM 3 Oakville St. Pats5-1Barrie Ice Dogs
PR-B6311:30 AMSM 2 Oakville St Hildas Eagles2-2Barrie Colts Scotiabank Teal
PR-C6911:45 AMSM 4 Oakville Flyers4-2Barrie Ice Dragons
PR-A5812:00 PMJC Red Oakville Golden Knights2-2Burlington Bulldogs Peewee Select
PR-A5712:15 PMSM 3 Meadowvale Hawks #721-3Brampton MD1
PR-B6412:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Storm1-2Caledon Hawks
PR-C7012:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Kings0-2Brampton MD3
PR-D761:00 PMJC Red West End Antique$5-0Meadowvale Hawks #62
AR-C182:15 PMSM 3 Oakville Phantoms2-1Oakville Knights
AR-A52:30 PMSM 2 Brampton 45's MD12-2Oakville Green Machine
AR-C172:45 PMSM 4 Guelph Jr Gryphons1-5Peterborough Budd Wealth Mgmt Atom Select 47s
AR-D233:00 PMJC Red Northumberland Nighthawks7-1Plymouth Sharks
AR-B123:15 PMSM 3 Oakville Blues1-6Newmarket Redmen
AR-A63:30 PMSM 2 Leaside Flames1-2Burlington Bulldogs
PW-C453:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Barracudas4-2Oakville Admirals
AR-D244:00 PMJC Red Pelham Panthers Atom LL 20-7Oakville Ice Raiders
PW-C444:15 PMSM 3 Centre Wellington PW #433-1Woolwich Wildcats Peewee LL #2
PW-B384:30 PMSM 2 Kanata Ice Hawks Peewee B40-4Oakville Wolfpack
PW-A324:45 PMSM 4 East Lambton Eagles Peewee White2-2West London Hawks Peewee C6
PW-D505:00 PMSM 1 Beeton Stingers4-3Penetang Flames Busy Bee Taxi LL 2
AR-B115:15 PMSM 3 Caledon Hawks2-4Oakville Burgundy Bullz
PW-B395:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Orange Crush1-3Newmarket Ridge Black
PW-A335:45 PMSM 4 Oro Thunder Peewee LL 13-0Oakville Lightning
PW-D516:00 PMSM 1 Oakville Ducks3-2Nepean Raiders
PR-D776:15 PMSM 3 Barrie Ice Dogs1-2West End Antique$
PR-C716:30 PMSM 2 Barrie Ice Dragons1-5Oakville Kings
PR-A606:45 PMSM 4 Meadowvale Hawks #722-3Burlington Bulldogs Peewee Select
PR-B657:00 PMSM 1 Barrie Colts Scotiabank Teal2-1Oakville Storm
PR-D787:15 PMSM 3 Oakville St. Pats2-3Meadowvale Hawks #62
PR-C727:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Flyers6-5Brampton MD3
PR-A597:45 PMSM 4 Brampton MD14-0Oakville Golden Knights
PR-B668:00 PMSM 1 Oakville St Hildas Eagles2-1Caledon Hawks
Sunday, January 21, 2018
AR CH258:00 AMSM 1 Peterborough Budd Wealth Mgmt Atom Select 47s3-2Oakville Ice Raiders
AR CH268:30 AMSM 2 Brampton 45's MD12-5Newmarket Redmen
PW CH529:15 AMSM 1 West London Hawks Peewee C68-0Newmarket Ridge Black
PW CH539:45 AMSM 2 Beeton Stingers3-0Centre Wellington PW #43
PR CH7910:30 AMSM 1 Oakville Kings0-2Brampton MD1
PR CH8011:00 AMSM 2 Oakville St Hildas Eagles1-4West End Antique$
AR CH2712:15 PMSM 1 Newmarket Redmen4-5Peterborough Budd Wealth Mgmt Atom Select 47s
PW CH541:45 PMSM 1 Beeton Stingers0-2West London Hawks Peewee C6
PR CH813:15 PMSM 1 West End Antique$5-2Brampton MD1
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