Schedule & Results, Richard Bell Memorial Tournament, 2018-2019 (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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Thursday, December 27, 2018
MA AAAMA AAA 018:00 AMJC RED Halton Hurricanes6-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MP AMP A 018:00 AMSM 4 Oakville Rangers AE1-7Burlington Eagles
MP AAAMP AAA 018:00 AMSM 1 Burlington Jr Cougars2-0Brantford 99ers
MA AAAMA AAA 028:15 AMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers5-6Mississauga Rebels
MA AAAMA AAA 038:15 AMCAN 3 Hamilton Huskies1-6Markham Majors
MA AAAMA AAA 048:30 AMCAN 2 Brampton 45's1-5Mississauga Reps
MA AAAMA AAA 058:30 AMCAN 4 Cambridge Hawks0-7Toronto Young Nationals
MP AMP A 028:30 AMSM 2 Woolwich Wildcats4-1Owen Sound Jr Attack
MP AMP A 038:30 AMSM 3 Vaughan Panthers3-4Oakville Rangers Blue
MA AAAMA AAA 069:10 AMJC RED Hamilton Jr Bulldogs5-6Richmond Hill Coyotes
MP AAAMP AAA 029:20 AMSM 1 Buffalo Regals1-4Hamilton Huskies
MP AAAMP AAA 039:20 AMSM 4 Cambridge Hawks4-4Oakville Rangers
MA AAMA AA 019:25 AMCAN 1 Mississauga Beast1-2Caledon Hawks
MA AAMA AA 029:25 AMCAN 3 Milton Winterhawks4-3Streetsville Tigers
MA AAMA AA 039:40 AMCAN 2 Halton Hills Thunder3-1Oakville Rangers
MA AEMA AE 019:40 AMCAN 4 Oakville Rangers5-2Oakville Rangers Select
MP AMP A 049:50 AMSM 2 Niagara Falls Flyers0-15Caledon Hawks
MP AMP A 059:50 AMSM 3 Oakville Rangers Red3-2Dundas Sabres
MA AMA A 0110:35 AMCAN 1 Owen Sound Jr Attack0-0Oakville Rangers Red
MA AEMA AE 0210:35 AMCAN 3 West London Hawks6-1Cambridge Hawks
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0110:40 AMSM 1 Halton Hills Thunder1-3Mississauga Jets
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0210:40 AMSM 4 London Jr Knights Green1-0Greater Toronto Capitals
MA AMA A 0210:50 AMCAN 2 Stoney Creek Warriors0-5Oakville Rangers Blue
MA AMA A 0310:50 AMCAN 4 Grimsby Kings3-1Welland Tigers
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0311:10 AMSM 2 Oakville Rangers Red2-0Milton Winterhawks
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0411:10 AMSM 3 Brampton 45's2-3Cambridge Hawks
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0512:00 PMSM 1 West Mall Lightning0-8Orangeville Flyers
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0612:00 PMSM 4 Hamilton Huskies4-1Oakville Rangers Blue
MA AAAMA AAA 0712:10 PMCAN 4 Amherst Knights2-10Halton Hurricanes
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0712:30 PMSM 2 Streetsville Tigers7-0Oakville Rangers A Blue
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 0812:30 PMSM 3 Oakville Rangers A Red2-3Northumberland Nighthawks
MA AAAMA AAA 081:15 PMCAN 3 Hamilton Huskies0-7Oakville Rangers
MA AAAMA AAA 091:15 PMCAN 1 Brampton 45's1-4Huron Perth Lakers
MA AAAMA AAA 101:20 PMCAN 4 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs5-4Toronto Young Nationals
MP AMP A 061:20 PMSM 1 Owen Sound Jr Attack6-2Riverside Rangers
MP AMP A 071:20 PMSM 4 Woolwich Wildcats4-3Oakville Rangers Blue
MA AAAMA AAA 111:30 PMCAN 2 Mississauga Reps1-4Richmond Hill Coyotes
MP AAAMP AAA 041:50 PMSM 2 Brantford 99ers10-0Buffalo Regals
MP AAAMP AAA 051:50 PMSM 3 Hamilton Huskies2-0Cambridge Hawks
MA AAMA AA 042:25 PMCAN 3 Amherst Knights5-5Milton Winterhawks
MA AAAMA AAA 122:25 PMCAN 1 Mississauga Rebels4-1Kitchener Jr Rangers
MA AEMA AE 032:40 PMCAN 2 Stoney Creek Warriors5-1Oakville Rangers
MP AMP A 082:40 PMSM 4 Burlington Eagles7-0Niagara Falls Flyers
MP AAAMP AAA 062:40 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers4-3Burlington Jr Cougars
MP AMP A 093:10 PMSM 2 Caledon Hawks2-9Oakville Rangers Red
MP AMP A 103:10 PMSM 3 Dundas Sabres1-0Oakville Rangers AE
MA AAMA AA 053:35 PMCAN 3 Halton Hills Thunder4-6Mississauga Beast
MA AEMA AE 043:35 PMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers Select4-6West London Hawks
MA AAMA AA 063:50 PMCAN 2 Caledon Hawks2-1Streetsville Tigers
MA AMA A 044:45 PMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers Red9-0Stoney Creek Warriors
MA AMA A 054:45 PMCAN 3 Oakville Rangers Blue3-4Grimsby Kings
MA AMA A 065:00 PMCAN 2 Welland Tigers8-4Owen Sound Jr Attack
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 095:00 PMSM 1 Northumberland Nighthawks3-1Halton Hills Thunder
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 105:00 PMSM 4 Mississauga Jets2-2London Jr Knights Green
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 115:30 PMSM 2 Greater Toronto Capitals2-6Oakville Rangers Red
MP AMP A 115:40 PMSM 3 Vaughan Panthers3-3Riverside Rangers
MA AAAMA AAA 135:55 PMCAN 1 Markham Majors9-1Amherst Knights
MA AAAMA AAA 145:55 PMCAN 3 Huron Perth Lakers5-2Cambridge Hawks
MA AAMA AA 076:20 PMCAN 2 Oakville Rangers3-2Amherst Knights
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 126:20 PMSM 1 Milton Winterhawks1-2Oakville Rangers A Red
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 136:20 PMSM 4 Cambridge Hawks6-3West Mall Lightning
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 146:50 PMSM 2 Orangeville Flyers3-2Hamilton Huskies
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 157:00 PMSM 3 Oakville Rangers Blue3-1Streetsville Tigers
MA AEMA AE 057:05 PMCAN 3 Cambridge Hawks6-5Stoney Creek Warriors
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 167:05 PMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers A Blue1-9Brampton 45's
Friday, December 28, 2018
MA AAMA AA 088:00 AMRO A Streetsville Tigers4-4Oakville Rangers
MA AAMA AA 098:00 AMSM 4 Milton Winterhawks4-2Caledon Hawks
MA AAAMA AAA 158:00 AMJC RED Kitchener Jr Rangers1-3Markham Majors
MA AEMA AE 068:00 AMOAK Oakville Rangers Select5-2Cambridge Hawks
MP AAAMP AAA 078:00 AMRO B Oakville Rangers1-5Brantford 99ers
MP AAAMP AAA 088:00 AMSM 1 Burlington Jr Cougars1-2Hamilton Huskies
MA AAAMA AAA 168:15 AMCAN 1 Halton Hurricanes5-4Mississauga Rebels
MA AAAMA AAA 178:15 AMCAN 3 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs2-1Huron Perth Lakers
MA AAAMA AAA 188:30 AMJC BLUE Amherst Knights2-9Hamilton Huskies
MA AAAMA AAA 198:30 AMCAN 2 Toronto Young Nationals6-2Richmond Hill Coyotes
MA AAAMA AAA 208:30 AMCAN 4 Cambridge Hawks2-2Brampton 45's
MA AEMA AE 078:30 AMGA GRN Oakville Rangers7-2West London Hawks
MP AMP A 128:30 AMSM 2 Vaughan Panthers1-4Owen Sound Jr Attack
MP AMP A 138:30 AMSM 3 Oakville Rangers Blue2-3Riverside Rangers
MA AMA A 079:10 AMJC RED Welland Tigers1-4Oakville Rangers Red
MA AAMA AA 109:10 AMRO A Amherst Knights0-6Halton Hills Thunder
MP AMP A 149:10 AMSM 4 Dundas Sabres0-5Burlington Eagles
P AAP AA 019:10 AMOAK Hamilton Huskies4-3Oakville Rangers Blue
MP AAAMP AAA 099:20 AMRO B Cambridge Hawks7-1Buffalo Regals
P AAP AA 029:20 AMSM 1 Burlington Eagles Blue2-7Oakville Rangers Red
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 019:25 AMCAN 1 Mississauga North Stars1-4Streetsville Tigers
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 029:25 AMCAN 3 Burlington Eagles Blue2-2Guelph Jr Gryphons
MA AMA A 089:40 AMJC BLUE Owen Sound Jr Attack3-3Oakville Rangers Blue
MA AMA A 099:40 AMGA GRN Grimsby Kings4-0Stoney Creek Warriors
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 039:40 AMCAN 2 Flamborough Sabres5-2Mississauga Jets
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 049:40 AMCAN 4 Oakville Rangers Red3-1Brampton 45's
MP AMP A 159:50 AMSM 2 Oakville Rangers AE0-4Caledon Hawks
MP AMP A 169:50 AMSM 3 Oakville Rangers Red5-3Niagara Falls Flyers
MB AMB A 0110:20 AMJC RED Guelph Jr Gryphons2-7Burlington Eagles
P AAP AA 0310:20 AMRO A Niagara Falls Flyers3-3Caledon Hawks
MB AMB A 0210:30 AMOAK Burlington Bulldogs White2-8Halton Hills Thunder
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 1710:30 AMSM 4 London Jr Knights Green2-3Northumberland Nighthawks
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 1810:40 AMSM 1 Oakville Rangers Red5-2Mississauga Jets
P AAP AA 0410:40 AMRO B Orangeville Flyers3-5London Jr Knights Green
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 0510:45 AMCAN 1 Burlington Jr Cougars1-6West Hill Golden Hawks
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 0610:45 AMCAN 3 Oakville Rangers Blue4-3Kingston Canadians
MB AMB A 0310:50 AMJC BLUE Welland Tigers4-2Oakville Rangers Blue
MB AMB A 0410:50 AMGA GRN Grimsby Kings1-6Burlington Jr Cougars
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 0711:00 AMCAN 2 Niagara Falls Flyers2-2Tecumseh Eagles
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 0811:00 AMCAN 4 Burlington Eagles Gold6-2Halton Hills Thunder
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 1911:10 AMSM 2 Oakville Rangers A Red2-3Greater Toronto Capitals
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 2011:10 AMSM 3 Halton Hills Thunder4-2Milton Winterhawks
B AAB AA 0111:40 AMJC RED Toronto Wolverines0-5Oakville Rangers Red
B AAB AA 0211:40 AMRO A Kent Cobras1-5Scarborough Young Bruins
B AAB AA 0311:50 AMOAK Mississauga Terriers3-1Burlington Eagles
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 2111:50 AMSM 4 Hamilton Huskies2-8Cambridge Hawks
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 2212:00 PMSM 1 Streetsville Tigers0-2Orangeville Flyers
MB AAMB AA 0112:05 PMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers Blue4-0Clarington Toros
MB AAMB AA 0212:05 PMCAN 3 Burlington Jr Cougars2-7Oakville Rangers Red
B AAB AA 0412:10 PMGA GRN Mississauga Beast2-5Garden City Falcons
B AAB AA 0512:10 PMJC BLUE Niagara Falls Flyers0-5Oakville Rangers Blue
MB AAMB AA 0312:20 PMCAN 2 Hamilton Huskies1-6Milton Winterhawks
MB AAMB AA 0412:20 PMCAN 4 Brampton 45's1-2Niagara Falls Flyers
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 2312:30 PMSM 2 Brampton 45's0-0Oakville Rangers Blue
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 2412:30 PMSM 3 West Mall Lightning3-4Oakville Rangers A Blue
B AAB AA 061:10 PMOAK Hamilton Huskies1-3Richmond Hill Stars
MA AAMA AA 111:10 PMJC RED Oakville Rangers5-1Mississauga Beast
MP AMP A 171:10 PMSM 4 Woolwich Wildcats3-1Vaughan Panthers
MA AAAMA AAA 211:25 PMCAN 1 Markham Majors4-4Oakville Rangers
MA AAAMA AAA 221:25 PMCAN 3 Huron Perth Lakers6-2Mississauga Reps
MP AAAMP AAA 101:30 PMGA GRN Brantford 99ers4-2Cambridge Hawks
MA AEMA AE 081:40 PMCAN 2 Stoney Creek Warriors1-4Oakville Rangers Select
MA AEMA AE 091:40 PMCAN 4 Cambridge Hawks1-1Oakville Rangers
MP AAAMP AAA 111:50 PMSM 2 Hamilton Huskies2-0Oakville Rangers
MP AAAMP AAA 121:50 PMSM 3 Buffalo Regals1-5Burlington Jr Cougars
MA AMA A 102:00 PMRO A Oakville Rangers Red1-3Grimsby Kings
MP AMP A 182:20 PMJC RED Burlington Eagles4-1Oakville Rangers Red
MA AMA A 112:30 PMRO B Oakville Rangers Blue5-1Welland Tigers
MA AMA A 122:30 PMSM 4 Stoney Creek Warriors3-8Owen Sound Jr Attack
MA AAMA AA 122:30 PMOAK Caledon Hawks4-2Halton Hills Thunder
MA AAAMA AAA 232:35 PMCAN 1 Mississauga Rebels9-0Hamilton Huskies
MA AAAMA AAA 242:35 PMCAN 3 Richmond Hill Coyotes4-2Brampton 45's
MA AAMA AA 132:50 PMGA GRN Streetsville Tigers5-2Amherst Knights
MA AAAMA AAA 252:50 PMCAN 2 Kitchener Jr Rangers5-0Amherst Knights
MA AAAMA AAA 262:50 PMCAN 4 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs2-1Cambridge Hawks
P AAP AA 053:00 PMSM 1 Hamilton Huskies0-1London Jr Knights White
MP AMP A 193:10 PMSM 2 Owen Sound Jr Attack8-2Oakville Rangers Blue
MP AMP A 203:10 PMSM 3 Caledon Hawks4-0Dundas Sabres
MP AMP A 213:30 PMJC BLUE Niagara Falls Flyers3-0Oakville Rangers AE
MB AMB A 053:40 PMRO B Oakville Rangers Red1-1Burlington Bulldogs White
MB AMB A 063:40 PMOAK Halton Hills Thunder6-2Grimsby Kings
P AAP AA 063:40 PMJC RED Oakville Rangers Red6-1Orangeville Flyers
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 093:45 PMCAN 1 Streetsville Tigers6-0Burlington Eagles Blue
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 103:45 PMCAN 3 Guelph Jr Gryphons5-1Niagara Falls Flyers
MB AMB A 074:00 PMCAN 4 Oakville Rangers AE0-3Guelph Jr Gryphons
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 114:00 PMCAN 2 Tecumseh Eagles1-8Oakville Rangers Red
P AAP AA 074:00 PMGA GRN Niagara Falls Flyers0-2Oakville Rangers Blue
B AAB AA 074:20 PMSM 1 Scarborough Young Bruins1-0Streetsville Tigers
MB AAMB AA 054:30 PMSM 2 Halton Hills Thunder3-1Burlington Jr Cougars
MB AAMB AA 064:30 PMSM 3 Oakville Rangers Red4-1Brampton 45's
P AAP AA 084:50 PMJC BLUE Caledon Hawks3-5London Jr Knights Green
B AAB AA 085:00 PMOAK Oakville Rangers Blue2-1Kent Cobras
MB AMB A 085:00 PMJC RED Burlington Eagles0-0Welland Tigers
MB AAMB AA 075:00 PMSM 4 Clarington Toros2-7Burlington Eagles Gold
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 125:05 PMCAN 1 Brampton 45's0-3Mississauga North Stars
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 135:05 PMCAN 3 West Hill Golden Hawks5-2Oakville Rangers Blue
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 145:20 PMCAN 2 Kingston Canadians4-4Flamborough Sabres
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 155:20 PMCAN 4 Mississauga Jets1-4Burlington Eagles Gold
B AAB AA 095:40 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers Red3-2Mississauga Beast
B AAB AA 105:50 PMSM 2 Garden City Falcons1-2Hamilton Huskies
MP AMP A 225:50 PMSM 3 Riverside Rangers1-3Woolwich Wildcats
B AAB AA 116:10 PMJC BLUE Richmond Hill Stars5-1Toronto Wolverines
B AAB AA 126:20 PMJC RED Niagara Falls Flyers1-3Mississauga Terriers
MA AAMA AA 146:20 PMOAK Mississauga Beast2-3Milton Winterhawks
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 256:20 PMSM 4 Northumberland Nighthawks2-1Oakville Rangers Red
MA AAAMA AAA 276:25 PMCAN 3 Oakville Rangers2-5Halton Hurricanes
MA AAAMA AAA 286:25 PMCAN 1 Mississauga Reps1-2Toronto Young Nationals
MA AEMA AE 106:40 PMCAN 2 West London Hawks3-1Stoney Creek Warriors
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 166:40 PMCAN 4 Halton Hills Thunder3-3Burlington Jr Cougars
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 267:00 PMSM 1 Mississauga Jets4-0Oakville Rangers A Red
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 277:10 PMSM 2 Greater Toronto Capitals2-6Halton Hills Thunder
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 287:10 PMSM 3 Milton Winterhawks3-1London Jr Knights Green
P AAP AA 097:35 PMCAN 3 London Jr Knights White6-3Burlington Eagles Blue
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 297:40 PMSM 4 Cambridge Hawks2-2Streetsville Tigers
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 307:40 PMJC RED Orangeville Flyers3-3Brampton 45's
MB AMB A 097:50 PMCAN 2 Burlington Jr Cougars5-4Oakville Rangers Red
MB AMB A 107:55 PMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers Blue0-3Oakville Rangers AE
MB AAMB AA 088:00 PMCAN 4 Milton Winterhawks2-5Oakville Rangers Blue
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 318:20 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers Blue6-1West Mall Lightning
B AAB AA 138:40 PMSM 3 Burlington Eagles6-2Streetsville Tigers
MB AAMB AA 098:50 PMSM 2 Niagara Falls Flyers1-2Halton Hills Thunder
MM AA (XOVER)MM AA 328:55 PMCAN 3 Oakville Rangers A Blue0-6Hamilton Huskies
MB AAMB AA 109:10 PMCAN 2 Burlington Eagles Gold6-0Hamilton Huskies
Saturday, December 29, 2018
B AAB AA 148:00 AMSM 1 Streetsville Tigers1-2Oakville Rangers Blue
B AAB AA 158:00 AMSM 4 Scarborough Young Bruins1-1Burlington Eagles
B AAB AA 168:00 AMGA BLUE Kent Cobras0-5Niagara Falls Flyers
MP AMP A 238:00 AMOAK Riverside Rangers0-1Caledon Hawks
MP AMP A 248:00 AMJC RED Oakville Rangers Red4-5Owen Sound Jr Attack
MA AAAMA AAA 298:15 AMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers1-5Halton Hurricanes
MA AAAMA AAA 308:15 AMCAN 3 Richmond Hill Coyotes2-3Markham Majors
MA AAAMA AAA 318:30 AMCAN 2 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs5-4Toronto Young Nationals
MA AAAMA AAA 328:30 AMCAN 4 Mississauga Rebels0-2Huron Perth Lakers
MB AMB A 118:30 AMRO B Oakville Rangers AE0-5Burlington Eagles
MB AMB A 128:30 AMGA GRN Oakville Rangers Blue3-2Guelph Jr Gryphons
MB AAMB AA 118:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Rangers Blue1-3Burlington Eagles Gold
MB AAMB AA 128:30 AMSM 3 Milton Winterhawks8-2Clarington Toros
MB AAMB AA 138:30 AMJC BLUE Halton Hills Thunder1-3Oakville Rangers Red
MA AMA A 139:20 AMSM 4 Owen Sound Jr Attack0-2Grimsby Kings
MB AMB A 139:20 AMGA BLUE Oakville Rangers Red3-6Halton Hills Thunder
P AAP AA 109:20 AMSM 1 London Jr Knights White3-3Oakville Rangers Red
MA AMA A 149:30 AMOAK Oakville Rangers Blue2-3Oakville Rangers Red
MB AAMB AA 149:30 AMJC RED Niagara Falls Flyers3-2Burlington Jr Cougars
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 179:30 AMCAN 3 Streetsville Tigers3-1Niagara Falls Flyers
P AAP AA 119:30 AMCAN 1 Oakville Rangers Blue1-5Caledon Hawks
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 189:45 AMCAN 2 Guelph Jr Gryphons2-6Oakville Rangers Red
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 199:45 AMCAN 4 Tecumseh Eagles3-4Mississauga North Stars
MA AAMA AA 159:50 AMSM 2 Halton Hills Thunder1-4Milton Winterhawks
MA AAMA AA 169:50 AMSM 3 Oakville Rangers1-0Caledon Hawks
MB AMB A 149:50 AMGA GRN Burlington Jr Cougars6-0Burlington Bulldogs White
P AAP AA 129:50 AMJC BLUE London Jr Knights Green4-1Burlington Eagles Blue
P AAP AA 139:50 AMRO B Niagara Falls Flyers1-2Hamilton Huskies
MM AAMM AA 3310:35 AMSM 4 Halton Hills Thunder1-3Northumberland Nighthawks
MM AAMM AA 3410:40 AMSM 1 Mississauga Jets0-2Orangeville Flyers
B AAB AA 1710:45 AMOAK Richmond Hill Stars0-4Oakville Rangers Red
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 2010:50 AMCAN 1 Brampton 45's2-5Burlington Eagles Blue
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 2110:50 AMCAN 3 West Hill Golden Hawks4-0Flamborough Sabres
MM AAMM AA 3511:05 AMSM 2 Oakville Rangers Blue1-2Oakville Rangers Red
MM AAMM AA 3611:05 AMSM 3 Cambridge Hawks4-1Brampton 45's
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 2211:05 AMCAN 2 Kingston Canadians2-4Burlington Eagles Gold
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 2311:05 AMCAN 4 Mississauga Jets2-4Burlington Jr Cougars
B AAB AA 1811:10 AMRO B Toronto Wolverines1-3Garden City Falcons
MP AAAMP AAA 1312:05 PMSM 4 Cambridge Hawks1-3Hamilton Huskies
MP AAAMP AAA 1412:05 PMOAK Burlington Jr Cougars5-2Brantford 99ers
B AAB AA 1912:10 PMSM 1 Hamilton Huskies3-2Mississauga Beast
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 2412:10 PMCAN 1 Halton Hills Thunder2-6Oakville Rangers Blue
B AAB AA 2012:25 PMCAN 2 Oakville Rangers Blue0-3Mississauga Terriers
B AAB AA 2112:25 PMCAN 4 Burlington Eagles0-0Niagara Falls Flyers
MB AAMB AA 1512:30 PMRO B Hamilton Huskies2-3Oakville Rangers Blue
MA AAAMA AAA 3312:35 PMSM 2 Huron Perth Lakers6-1Halton Hurricanes
MA AAAMA AAA 3412:35 PMSM 3 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs0-4Markham Majors
MB AMB A 151:15 PMCAN 3 Welland Tigers3-2Oakville Rangers AE
MA AMA A 151:30 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers Red3-1Grimsby Kings
MB AMB A 161:30 PMCAN 1 Burlington Eagles4-0Oakville Rangers Blue
MP AMP A 251:35 PMOAK Owen Sound Jr Attack2-3Burlington Eagles
MP AMP A 261:45 PMCAN 4 Caledon Hawks1-2Woolwich Wildcats
P AAP AA 141:45 PMCAN 2 Orangeville Flyers2-6London Jr Knights White
MA AEMA AE 111:50 PMSM 2 Oakville Rangers1-2West London Hawks
MB AAMB AA 161:50 PMSM 3 Burlington Eagles Gold2-2Milton Winterhawks
MB AAMB AA 171:50 PMRO B Brampton 45's2-6Halton Hills Thunder
B AAB AA 222:35 PMCAN 3 Streetsville Tigers4-1Kent Cobras
MB AMB A 172:50 PMCAN 1 Grimsby Kings0-1Oakville Rangers Red
MA AAMA AA 173:00 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers3-5Milton Winterhawks
MB AAMB AA 183:00 PMSM 4 Oakville Rangers Red4-2Niagara Falls Flyers
MB AMB A 183:05 PMCAN 2 Halton Hills Thunder3-5Burlington Jr Cougars
P AAP AA 153:05 PMOAK Oakville Rangers Red5-1London Jr Knights Green
MM AAMM AA 373:10 PMSM 3 Cambridge Hawks5-3Northumberland Nighthawks
P AAP AA 163:10 PMRO B Caledon Hawks3-3Hamilton Huskies
P AAP AA 173:15 PMCAN 4 Burlington Eagles Blue1-1Niagara Falls Flyers
MM AAMM AA 383:20 PMSM 2 Oakville Rangers Red2-1Orangeville Flyers
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 253:55 PMCAN 3 Oakville Rangers Red3-2Streetsville Tigers
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 264:10 PMCAN 1 Mississauga North Stars3-3Guelph Jr Gryphons
B AAB AA 234:20 PMSM 4 Oakville Rangers Red2-2Hamilton Huskies
B AAB AA 244:25 PMOAK Garden City Falcons2-2Richmond Hill Stars
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 274:25 PMCAN 2 Burlington Eagles Blue4-2Tecumseh Eagles
MA AAAMA AAA 354:30 PMSM 1 Huron Perth Lakers3-0Markham Majors
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 284:35 PMCAN 4 Niagara Falls Flyers3-4Brampton 45's
B AAB AA 254:40 PMSM 3 Mississauga Beast3-1Toronto Wolverines
MB AAMB AA 194:50 PMSM 2 Clarington Toros2-1Hamilton Huskies
B AAB AA 265:15 PMCAN 3 Mississauga Terriers1-4Scarborough Young Bruins
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 295:30 PMCAN 1 Burlington Eagles Gold2-7West Hill Golden Hawks
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 305:40 PMSM 4 Burlington Jr Cougars2-6Kingston Canadians
MB AMB A 195:45 PMOAK Guelph Jr Gryphons2-1Welland Tigers
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 315:45 PMCAN 2 Oakville Rangers Blue2-2Mississauga Jets
MP AA (XOVER)MP AA 325:55 PMCAN 4 Flamborough Sabres4-1Halton Hills Thunder
MB AAMB AA 206:00 PMSM 3 Burlington Jr Cougars2-3Brampton 45's
MP AAAMP AAA 156:00 PMSM 1 Burlington Jr Cougars1-2Hamilton Huskies
MP AMP A 276:10 PMSM 2 Woolwich Wildcats0-7Burlington Eagles
P AAP AA 187:00 PMSM 4 Oakville Rangers Blue2-1Orangeville Flyers
MB AMB A 207:05 PMOAK Burlington Bulldogs White4-2Grimsby Kings
MM AAMM AA 398:00 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers Red5-0Cambridge Hawks
Sunday, December 30, 2018
B AAB AA 278:00 AMSM 1 Burlington Eagles0-3Scarborough Young Bruins
B AAB AA 288:00 AMSM 4 Garden City Falcons1-4Oakville Rangers Red
B AAB AA 298:00 AMJC RED Hamilton Huskies0-3Mississauga Terriers
MP AAMP AA 338:00 AMRO A Burlington Eagles Blue4-3West Hill Golden Hawks
MB AAMB AA 218:15 AMCAN 1 Niagara Falls Flyers1-0Oakville Rangers Blue
MB AAMB AA 228:15 AMCAN 3 Milton Winterhawks2-1Halton Hills Thunder
B AAB AA 308:30 AMJC BLUE Oakville Rangers Blue3-0Richmond Hill Stars
MB AMB A 218:30 AMCAN 2 Oakville Rangers Red0-2Halton Hills Thunder
MB AMB A 228:30 AMCAN 4 Guelph Jr Gryphons0-3Welland Tigers
MP AAMP AA 348:30 AMRO B Mississauga North Stars1-2Oakville Rangers Red
MP AAMP AA 358:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Rangers Blue0-2Streetsville Tigers
MP AAMP AA 368:30 AMSM 3 Flamborough Sabres1-0Burlington Eagles Gold
P AAP AA 199:30 AMSM 1 Hamilton Huskies0-6Oakville Rangers Red
P AAP AA 209:30 AMSM 4 London Jr Knights Green4-1London Jr Knights White
B AAB AA 3112:30 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers Blue3-5Scarborough Young Bruins
B AAB AA 3212:30 PMSM 4 Mississauga Terriers2-4Oakville Rangers Red
MB AAMB AA 2312:30 PMJC RED Milton Winterhawks5-4Oakville Rangers Red
MB AAMB AA 2412:30 PMJC BLUE Niagara Falls Flyers1-4Burlington Eagles Gold
MB AMB A 231:00 PMSM 2 Welland Tigers3-2Burlington Jr Cougars
MB AMB A 241:00 PMSM 3 Halton Hills Thunder0-2Burlington Eagles
P AAP AA 212:00 PMSM 1 London Jr Knights Green2-4Oakville Rangers Red
MP AAMP AA 372:30 PMSM 2 Flamborough Sabres3-4Burlington Eagles Blue
MP AAMP AA 382:30 PMSM 3 Streetsville Tigers2-3Oakville Rangers Red
B AAB AA 335:00 PMSM 1 Oakville Rangers Red1-0Scarborough Young Bruins
MB AAMB AA 255:30 PMSM 2 Milton Winterhawks2-3Burlington Eagles Gold
MP AAMP AA 397:00 PMSM 1 Burlington Eagles Blue4-5Oakville Rangers Red
MB AMB A 257:30 PMSM 2 Welland Tigers1-6Burlington Eagles
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