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Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Oakville Rangers Tryout process. Click on the question to jump to the answer. Read the answers carefully – in some cases the answer is different depending on where you live, where you played last year, and/or what level you played at last year.

Before the Tryouts

Please click here to download the Tryout Portal User's Guide.
Registration is completed online at If you do not already have an account in the Portal you will first need to create one. If you have forgotten your password form last season use the Forgot Password link on the login screen. Once you are logged in, on the left-hand side, click on Apply for 2022/23 Tryouts and fill out the form.
Nope! The Tryout Portal carries your profile forward. If you have an account from a previous season’s Tryouts you can simply log in to that same account to get started for this season.
If you have forgotten your password click on the Forgot Password link on the Login Screen or visit
The Tryout Registration Fee is $75 per Division. When trying out for a Division with both a Red and Blue team your registration fee covers both teams.
The Tryout Registration Portal collects payment using: Visa, Visa Debit, or Mastercard.
Yes, the Tryout Registration Fee is $75/Division. Note the distinction – it is $75/Division, NOT $75/Team. There is no additional fee when trying out for a Division with both a Red and Blue team. For example, if you try out for both AA and A you will pay a Tryout Registration Fee twice – once for A and once for AA, even if both of those Divisions has 2 teams each.
Registration is only accepted online. This is done because the online tool is more than just registration – it provides you with additional information pertaining to the Tryouts, the status of your Tryout, and it provides the coaches with a number of tools to help them manage the Tryouts.
In many AA and A Divisions the ORHC will continue to ice two teams, identified as the “Red” team and the “Blue” team. When Trying for these Divisions you will first attend the Tryout for the Red team. If you are cut from that Tryout you will be automatically enrolled into the Tryout for the Blue team at no additional cost.
There are no plans at this time to hold separate Goalie Evaluations, no. Goalies will be evaluated during the regular Tryout Sessions.
All players entering U14 as well as all players in U15 and older that have never attended a Body Contact Clinic are required to attend a clinic prior to attending Tryouts. You will not be allowed to try out if you fail to do so. This does not apply to goalies. The MD Division is also non-contact - if you are only attending to try out for MD and not AE or higher you do not need to attend a Contact Clinic.
No, the fee for the Body Contact Clinics are included with your Tryout Registration Fee.
No! In fact, if you have already completed a Body Contact Clinic (for example, if you attended a pre-tryout camp) we would prefer that you DO NOT attend the ORHC clinic. If you've already completed the Body Contact Clinic requirement simply let the ORHC Office know and we will update your application to reflect that.
The ORHC strongly believes in keeping Oakville kids playing hockey in Oakville. In support of this belief, the ORHC maintains a policy that Imports and Non-Residents will not be accepted on Rep Teams in AA or lower. While the rare exception to this policy has been made in the past for extenuating circumstances, those exceptions are few and far between. To help enforce this policy, if you are not a resident of Oakville and you are applying for a AA or lower Tryout, the Tryout Portal will not allow you to pay for and complete your application until the coach has approved it. If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance that would warrant an approval, please reach out to the Coach to discuss.
During the Tryout Registration Process you will be asked for your address and whether you live in Oakville or in the Lake Ontario Region (LOR). You MUST enter your address as it is on the day of the Tryout. If you are not eligible to Tryout for the Rangers today because of where you currently live, but you want to Tryout because you know you are moving to the area in the near future, please contact Cheryle Hinder at (905) 338-9220, ext 204, for assistance.
If you are trying out for a team anywhere other than the city where you live, it is quite likely that you will require a PTS (Permission To Skate), Waiver, or Release before you can try out. Click here for more information.
This is certainly possible, yes. The Portal applies the most common rules to the most common scenarios, but it is simply not possible to check for every possible requirement. Note that it is not the responsibility of the league to advise you when you need additional paperwork – it is the responsibility of the player to be aware. If the Portal has given you information regarding additional paperwork that you believe to be incorrect contact your Home Center to confirm.
LOR stands for Lake Ontario Region. The LOR encompasses the whole of the GTHL (Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, and Vaughan) and the OMHA Associations/Centres (Oakville, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Markham, Ajax and Pickering). It has been in existence since the 1997-1998 season, to address the unique geographical area in and around the Greater Toronto Area. If you live within the LOR you are governed by the LOR Regulations. More information about these rules and regulations can be found at

During and After the Tryouts

Certain Teams are known to have a very high turn-out for Tryouts. More than can be accommodated on the ice at one time. In these scenarios we must split up the players into multiple session for all players to receive a fair evaluation. A “Split Session” Tryout is a single tryout split in to two individual sessions. You are not required to attend both sessions. You will be emailed prior to the Tryout, advising you which of the sessions you are set to attend.
Prior to the tryout the Coach will advise you of which session you are to attend, via email. Typically this is done the night before the Tryout, sometimes even just a few hours prior. If you must attend a particular session due to a schedule conflict you will need to contact the Coach directly.
The coach will advise you if you have been released from the team. The expectation is that you will attend all of the Tryout Sessions unless otherwise advised. Meaning, no news is good news. If you do not hear otherwise from the coach, attend the next Session.
Yes, you will need to register again for the next Division. That does not apply to Red and Blue teams, however – Red and Blue teams are picked at the same time. For example, if you try out for both AA and A you will register twice – once for A and once for AA. But if you try out for AA Red and AA Blue you will only register once as both teams are in the same Division.
You will need to notify the Coach.
You will be notified by the coach at the end of the last Session.
At the bottom of the page there is a section for you (the parent or guardian) to sign, a place for the Player to sign, and it also asks for your address and the Player's birth date. In regards to the Player's signature, it absolutely must be legibly the Player's full name. No nicknames, no abbreviations, and no initials. If the Player is not able to sign their name, printing it will be accepted. As well, it must be the Player that signs - you, the parent or guardian, can not sign on their behalf.
If you are not registered as of yet please do so IMMEDIATLEY! Now that Tryouts are over and the team has been selected there are a number of tasks that need to be completed in a very short period of time before the season begins. Your team's roster can not be submitted for approval until ALL of the players on the team are registered, and the team can not play until its roster has been approved by the OMHA.
We will take care of this for you - your registration will manually be changed from House League to Rep. If there is a difference in the Registration Fee you paid you will either be issued a refund (if it is a credit required) or the office will contact you to pay the difference (if there is a balance owing).