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This page provides general information on the setup, structure, and scheduling of the Oakville Rangers Rep Program. Please note this information discusses Rep in general. Refer to the Registration Information Page for updates specific to the current or upcoming season and the Rep Tryouts Page for information specific to the upcoming season's tryouts.

The Competitive Stream, also known as Rep Hockey, is a fast-paced, highly competitive level of play that offers a greater challenge to exceptional players 9 years old and older. The ORHC is a AAA Center and offers five levels of competitive hockey: AAA, AA, A, AE, and MD. AAA is the highest caliber hockey offered in Minor Hockey, followed by AA, A, AE and MD. Tryouts are held before each season to select those who represent the more skilled and talented players in their age group.

Rep Hockey is a much larger commitment than House League, both in time and financial. The amount of games and practices varies by division and even from week to week, but typically Rep teams are on the ice 3-5 times per week. They compete in an external league and will travel for road games. These teams will also typically attend as many as 3-5 tournaments and play a number of exhibition games as well.

With the exception of MD, Rep hockey is full contact at U14 and older.

Registration Fees and Assessments
Rep Teams operate on a Team Budget that covers all of their expenses - this is known as an assessment. The cost of Rep Hockey is a combination of the Registration Fee, paid when the player is registered for the season, and the assessment, which is collected by the team in a few installments throughout the season. Each team is responsible for its own operating budget during the season. The costs to run a team can be quite substantial and include such items as tournament entry fees, lodging, bus travel, ice, jerseys, team apparel, etc. The assessment is the total operating budget of the team divided amongst all of the players on the team.

As these expenses vary from team to team and from season to season it is impossible to provide a fixed cost for Rep Hockey. At the start of each season the team staff and treasurer will hold a parent's meeting to review and finalize the team's operating budget.

Schedule and Tournaments
Tryouts are held in September to select Rep teams. AAA Tryouts typically begin the first Friday following Labour Day and last for 7 days, concluding the following Thursday. On the next day the AA Tryouts begin and run for 7 days, followed by the A Tryouts then the AE and MD Tryouts. The Oakville Rangers offer two teams in many Divisions, they two teams being designated as "Red" and "Blue". These teams are picked at the same time, during the same 7-day Tryout phase.

The start date and length of the season varies from Division to Division, but typically the season begins in early October and runs until March, and teams generally play around 25-30 games or so. Rep teams also generally play a handful of Exhibition Games throughout the season, and each team is also allowed to attend as many as 5 tournaments - 3 during the season, 1 during either the Christmas or March Break, and one Post-Season.

For more specific information regarding the schedule for the upcoming season please visit the Rep Seasonal Calendars page at

The Rep Rangers Manual
The Rep Rangers Manual can be found at The Manual contains the specific policies and procedures that govern the ORHC Rep Program. While this manual is written and maintained as an aid for coaches, managers, and bench staff it is worthwhile for all Rep families to be familiar with these rules and policies.