Hockey Skills Academy Program Descriptions (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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ORHC Hockey Skills Academy
Program Descriptions

Registration for the 2019/20 ORHC Hockey Skills Academy Now Open!

Skating and Skills Development Sessions for Players born 2010/2011/2012 :

This program is designed to develop stronger skating technique and individual puck handling/shooting skills.  Drills are designed to be progressively more challenging and can be adapted depending on a specific player’s skillset, making this an ideal program for all skill levels.

Sessions are run on full ice and generally broken down into stations and drills with players receiving a 6:1 player to instructor ratio.

This is not a Learn to Skate program, participants should be reasonable skaters in order to best benefit and enjoy this program.

Skills Practiced

  • Skating, including stops and starts, backwards skating and crossovers

  • Shooting, including hand/arm positioning, wrist shot

  • Puck Handling, including receiving the pass, puck control, cradling the puck

Birth Years: 2010-2012


  • Enhancement of Skating
  • Stickhandling
  • Overall Functional Athleticism
On-Ice: Station-to-station format

  • $289
  • $36.00 per session x 8 sessions
  • 1 one hour session per week for 8 weeks


Skating and Skills Development Sessions for Players born 2007/2008/2009: 

The Skating and Skills Development Program pushes the existing player’s skills to the next level by individually assessing each player and focusing on their individual development needs.

The ORHC Development team will use a progressive teaching methodology covering skating, stick-handling, shooting, and puck protection related drills which will simulate real game situations.

On-ice sessions are designed with an emphasis on the following skill development:

  • Stick handling, puck control, puck protection

  • Passing, moving and attacking with the puck

  • Various shooting techniques

  • Skating techniques, acceleration, explosiveness, agility, edge control, pivoting, cross-overs, balance, power skating

Birth Years: 2007-2009 (some aspects of the 2004-2006 program will be incorporated where skill level permits)


  • Strong skating skills
  • Stickhandling and Passing
  • Puck Skills
On-Ice: Station-to-station format

  • $289
  • $36.00 per session x 8 sessions
  • 1 one hour session per week for 8 weeks


Skating and Skills Development Sessions for Players born 2004/2005/2006:  

The Skating and Skills development program is designed to enhance skating and puck handling skills, as well as the overall playing ability of all enrolled players. All drills will be focused on training and improving each player’s individual ability and will incorporate the below skill development:

  • Power skating: Proper skating technique – balance, edges, turns, crossovers forward and backward, straight speed and agility will be the focus in order to correct mistakes and eliminate bad habits. The goal is also to create good muscle memories to improve and maximize a hockey player’s potential.

  • Stick handling: The focus will be on handling the puck in various situations from small areas to open areas and at different speeds. Various techniques for making hockey moves at different speeds will be covered, as well as protecting the puck in a range of high-pressure and low-pressure situations.

  • Shooting:Players will learn about different types of shooting (reshoot, snapshot, slapshot,

    backhand shot) and will practice how to manage these shots at varying degrees of speed. Learn how to fake a shot, take a shot in small areas and become adept at shooting no matter the position or constraints.

  • Passing and receiving the puck: Refine puck skills such as passing with moving feet, receiving the puck while skating, passing in a small area, quick passing, and more.

Birth Years: 2004-2006


  • Explosive speed
  • Stickhandling and Passing
  • Puck Skills
  • Agility
  • Station-to-station format
  • Repetition
  • $289
  • $36.00 per session x 8 sessions
  • 1 one hour session per week for 8 weeks

Goalie Specific Skills Development Sessions

The goalie specific skills development program is designed to build a strong foundation of goaltending. Focusing on proper movement, save selection, game play and other tools to allow the participants to improve and be competitive in every game.  Sessions will be conducted by Adam Jacobs of IDT goaltending with oversight and evaluation from Steve Mason.  2 goalies: 1 instructor ratio on a one hour shooter pad session.  

Birth Years: Tyke-Juvenile

  • Shuffles
  • T-Pushes
  • C-Cuts
  • Butterfly
  • Pad Saves
  • Slides
  • Glove and Blocker
  • Stick Saves
Game Play:
  • Positioning
  • Rebound Control
  • Situational Awareness
  • Post Control

  • $360
  • $36.00 per session x 10 sessions
  • 10 one hour session bi-weekly sessions
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