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A game changer for coach development in the Oakville Rangers!
Elite level coaching experience and leadership

The Oakville Rangers are proud to offer next level, elite coach development through resources like Andrew Brewer, NHL Coach, founder of 200-Foot Coaching and the ORHC Director of Coach Development. Andrew Brewer, the ORHC Coaches Portal, and free access to resources such as the Hockey Canada Network for ORHC Coaches are the first of many new initiatives designed to further enhance the membership experience at the Oakville Rangers!

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Director of Coach Development
Andrew Brewer

Andrew Brewer
Andrew Brewer brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role. Currently the President of 200-Foot Coaching and the Video Coach for the Florida Panthers, Brewer has coached in over 500 NHL games as an Assistant Coach with the Toronto Maple Leafs (2015-2020) and Detroit Red Wings (2014-2015). Prior to the NHL, Brewer was the Manager of National Teams Video for Hockey Canada. He represented Canada at nine International events, winning an Olympic Gold Medal (2014), the World Cup of Hockey (2016) and a World Championship Gold (2016) during his tenure there. Brewer is also a 2 time CIS University Cup Champion with the University of New Brunswick Men's Hockey Team.

In addition to his extensive resume, Brewer also brings local and “hockey dad” experience. While an Assistant Coach with the Toronto Maple leafs and an Oakville resident, Brewer watched his sons grow as they played for the Oakville Rangers.

Brewer will begin with a focus on current coach development tactics and resources available to the Club's House League coaches. He will work closely with the VPs of House League and together they will build a curriculum and development plan for both players and coaches to ensure every House League player, no matter what level, gets the same first class experience. Brewer will also be conducting educational coach seminars on various topics throughout the season to further enhance the knowledge of our Hockey Canada trained and certified coaches!