2024/25 Select Program Information (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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***** PLEASE NOTE *****
This information is tentative and subject to change!
Please continue to check back for the most up to date information

This page provides information and updates for the ORHC House League Select Program

2024-25 House League Select Head Coaches
Team Name Email Address
U7-1 - -
U7-2 -
U8-1 - -
U8-2  -
U9-1 - -
U9-2  -
U10  - -
U11 - -
U12 - -
U13 - -
U14 Rich Harvey [email protected]
U15  - -
U16 S1 Dennis Bird [email protected]
U16 S2 - -
U17  -
U18 -

The Oakville Rangers and our partner associations in the OMHA Tri-County are proud to introduce the new and improved part time Select program for the 2024/25 hockey season. While Select is more competitive than the House League divisions, it is still considered to be an extension of House League hockey. Therefore, the focus of Select is to offer the core values of the House League experience to players who would like to participate in a more advanced program.

About Select

  • The Select program is run as an adjunct to the House League Program and not a replacement
  • The season begins in November ends in mid-March.
  • The primary priority for each team member will be their commitment to play for their House League team and then fulfill the necessary obligations of the Select Team - demonstrating an equal commitment to both teams to the fullest extent possible.
  • Select teams will typically consist of 17 players. This will include 2 Goaltenders and 15 skaters (9 Forwards & 6 Defense). As the OMHA does not permit Affiliate Players (AP) for Select, a team may roster up to 2 additional players up to the OMHA roster limit of 19.
  • All Select players will be eligible to be identified as an AP for ORHC Rep teams.
  • Each team will be permitted to attend 4 tournaments for the year and play up to 4 exhibition games per month.
  • Each player will be assessed the appropriate portion of their Select team fee in addition to the House League registration cost.

Participating Divisions
The ORHC is anticipating the following divisions will offer a Select Program in the 2024/25 season:

- U7, U8, U9 Jr. Rangers.
- U10-U18 House League.

While our intention is to ice a Select Program for all of the above divisions, our ability to do so is dependent on the interest of the players as well as volunteers to Coach and run the team. If either element is missing the ORHC will fold the team for the season.

Team Budgets & Assessments
Select Team Fees ARE NOT included in your House League Registration fees. The Head Coach, Team Representatives (Bench Staff, Manager, Treasurer etc.) and the player families will determine a mutually agreed upon budget for the upcoming season. The Select team fees will be applied to expenses incurred by the team for that season. They can include but are not limited to the following items:

  • Any Team fees assessed by the ORHC.
  • Tryout fees.
  • Practices and any additional on ice training.
  • Tournaments – to a maximum of 4 for the entire season.
  • Exhibition games – to a maximum of 4 per month (home or away).
  • Team uniforms. 
  • Referees and Timekeepers.