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Gift of Giving Back One

The Gift of Giving Back Food Drive is Back!
The Gift of Giving Back Food Drive is all about Kids Feeding Kids. Many in our community are struggling with making ends meet - and the kids growing up in these families are suffering from many societal issues, including poverty, hunger, lack of housing, and illness. These issues affect all of us. So, we want to involve all of our Oakville Ranger families in participating in this amazing food drive.

All food collected will be distributed to

GoGB Recipients

Gift of Giving Back Five

The Gift of Giving Back - Not Just a Food Drive
The Gift of Giving Back was founded on these four principles:

  1. To encourage compassion in our young people for those in need or in crisis.
  2. To connect them to the hard-working agencies which support the vulnerable in our communities and also to our larger community institutions.
  3. To inspire our kids to lift other kids up through their own work and actions.
  4. To motivate them and their families to embrace community traditions of volunteerism.

We need your help to ensure the Gift of Giving Back is a success and to inspire our kids to give back within our community.

FOOD DROP OFF: Dec 6, 7, 8
St. Thomas Aquinas School
124 Dorval Dr, Oakville, ON   L6K 2W1

Gift of Giving Back Three

OUR GOAL: 130,000 LBS!!!

Last year we collected 112,000 pounds of food for our deserving partner charities.

This year we are hoping to do more and exceed 130,000 pounds.

We need all of our Ranger families to join the challenge and start collecting!

Check with your coaches and team managers for all the details and collection bags.

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