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Free Subscription to InGoal Magazine!
We are thrilled to welcome InGoal Magazine as a supporter of minor hockey. The ORHC will be providing a free subscriptions to InGoal Magazine to all of our goalies as of October 1st. Please see your team's Goalie Coach or Head Coach to ensure your email subscription is established. For more information about InGoal magazine, please see below and visit

Is there online training available for my Goalie?
There are countless online resources available - so many, it can be overwhelming... So, how do you choose? Listed below you will find a small directory of Online Training and Development resources that have been used by Oakville Rangers goalies and coaches. By no means is this a complete list - there are thousands of amazing resources out there. Do you know of a good one that isn't on our list? Please let us know! Email [email protected] with the details.

We are hosting a Zoom call on Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00pm for all interested goalies, parents and coaches to hear more about InGoal and other tools we will be presenting, including the new Netmindr App, the Hockey Canada Goalie App and Sense Arena, a virtual reality training tool. For access to the Zoom call please contact us at [email protected].

Please Note: The resources listed below are not Oakville Rangers programs. These programs are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Oakville Rangers Hockey Club, and the ORHC holds no responsibility or liability for these Programs, their Instructors, or their delivery.


Increase Performance offers online video based goaltender development programs. They offer a bundle of development programs designed to give goalies the ability to learn and develop away from the rink. So when it's time to step back onto the ice, they can take advantage of every training opportunity to get better. A very special offer for Oakville Rangers teams, Increase Performance is offering a bundle of 5 of thier programs for $120 for the 2023/24 season. Purchased individually, these programs add up to almost $350. For more information and to purchase your team's license, please visit INSERT LINK HERE.

InGoal Magazine InGoal Magazine


Learn more and become a better goaltender! InGoal Magazine is the leading online resource for goalies, coaches, parents and fans. With over 700 articles, 900 videos, a regular Podcast, and more content added on a regular basis, they provide a deep insight into how the Pros gain their edge. The Oakville Rangers will be providing a one-year subscription to InGoal Magazine for each of our goalies for the 2023/24 season. Details on how to access your subscription will be coming soon!


Sense Arena is a cognitive training platform for athletes to gain a competitive edge. Using VR training, they enhance an athlete’s reaction time, decision making, and multitasking abilities. Sense Arena is the leader in goaltender cognitive training, providing virtual reality tools to train anywhere, anytime! Train game-speed reps anytime, anywhere! Sense Arena is the only way to safely practice reading the release, working through screens, puck tracking and box control without the need of ice or teammates. Access personal metrics to track progress, future areas for improved development and managing your training load. Get in the zone by working through Sense Arena warm-up drills or training plans. Make training in Sense Arena part of your practice and game routine by including it in your warm up.