Schedule & Results, Frank Sabatino Memorial Tournament, 2018-2019 (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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Friday, January 18, 2019
AW-AA W 15:00 PMJC Red Wainfleet Wild8-1Oakville Red Bulls
AW-BA W 25:00 PMA West London Hawks10-0Port Credit Storm 053
PR-CP RS 15:00 PMSM 1 Meadowvale Hawks ME0721-5Oakville Tigers
AR-CA RS 15:15 PMSM 3 Barrie Purple Panthers2-3Oakville Orange Crush
AR-CA RS 25:30 PMSM 2 Burlington Jr Cougars 20082-5Oakville Rangers United
AW-BA W 35:30 PMJC Blue Belmont Rangers0-3Oakville Blizzards
PR-AP RS 25:30 PMB LPC 0721-0Oakville Mustangs
AR-DA RS 35:45 PMSM 4 Georgian Shores Lightning1-2Oakville Ravens
AW-AA W 46:00 PMJC Red Loyalist Jets3-3Oakville Knights
AW-DA W 56:00 PMA Fountain Tire Mighty Pucks11-0Heartland Dragons 053
PR-CP RS 36:00 PMSM 1 Barrie Colts Sky Blue0-6Oakville St Hilda's Eagles
AR-BA RS 46:15 PMSM 3 West Mall Lightning4-3Port Credit Storm PC052
AR-AA RS 56:30 PMSM 2 Windsor Atom Selects0-3Meadowvale Hawks 052
AW-CA W 66:30 PMJC Blue Elmvale Coyotes Atom LL22-7Mt Brydges Atom Gold
PR-AP RS 46:30 PMB Halton Hills Thunder2-3Newmarket Peewee Select
AR-DA RS 66:45 PMSM 4 Burlington Jr Cougars 20091-2Barrie Silver Snipers
AW-DA W 77:00 PMA West London Hawks team 233-5Oakville Crush
PR-BP RS 57:00 PMSM 1 Heartland Dragons 0720-4Oakville Phantoms
PW-AP W 17:00 PMJC Red Oro Thunder Peewee LL 12-1Oakville Those Guys
AR-BA RS 77:15 PMSM 3 WEHL A2 Electric Panthers3-2Oakville Stars
AR-AA RS 87:30 PMSM 2 Cambridge Hawks3-5Oakville Red Devils
AW-CA W 87:30 PMJC Blue Sturgeon Lake Thunder6-0Oakville Stingers
PR-DP RS 67:30 PMB Barrie Blackhawks0-4Oakville Huskies
PW-DP W 27:45 PMSM 4 West London Hawks 154-3Woolwich Wildcats Peewee LL3
PR-BP RS 78:00 PMSM 1 Port Credit Storm0-3Milton Winterhawks
PW-AP W 38:00 PMJC Red Burlington Jr Cougars1-2Erindale Peewee 072
PW-BP W 48:00 PMA Erindale Peewee 0730-2Oakville Warriors
PW-CP W 58:15 PMSM 3 Centre Wellington Peewee Fusion #264-1Oakville Firebirds
PR-DP RS 88:30 PMB Applewood Coyotes0-5Oakville Dark Knights
PW-BP W 68:30 PMJC Blue Richmond Hill Kings 21-3Oakville Broncos
PW-CP W 78:30 PMSM 2 Nepean Barracudas1-2Oakville Knights
PW-DP W 88:45 PMSM 4 Hanover Falcons Peewee1-3Oakville Beasts
Saturday, January 19, 2019
AW-BA W 108:00 AMJC Red Oakville Blizzards1-6West London Hawks
AW-AA W 98:00 AMSM 1 Oakville Knights0-8Wainfleet Wild
AW-CA W 118:15 AMSM 3 Oakville Stingers3-3Elmvale Coyotes Atom LL2
AW-AA W 128:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Red Bulls5-5Loyalist Jets
AW-CA W 138:45 AMSM 4 Mt Brydges Atom Gold0-2Sturgeon Lake Thunder
AR-AA RS 99:00 AMSM 1 Oakville Red Devils3-0Windsor Atom Selects
AW-BA W 149:00 AMJC Red Port Credit Storm 0530-5Belmont Rangers
AW-DA W 159:15 AMSM 3 Heartland Dragons 0538-2West London Hawks team 23
AW-DA W 169:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Crush1-9Fountain Tire Mighty Pucks
AR-CA RS 109:45 AMSM 4 Oakville Rangers United7-7Barrie Purple Panthers
AR-AA RS 1110:00 AMSM 1 Meadowvale Hawks 0522-5Cambridge Hawks
AR-DA RS 1210:00 AMJC Red Oakville Ravens4-1Burlington Jr Cougars 2009
AR-BA RS 1310:15 AMSM 3 Port Credit Storm PC0523-1WEHL A2 Electric Panthers
AR-BA RS 1410:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Stars10-0West Mall Lightning
AR-DA RS 1510:30 AMJC Blue Barrie Silver Snipers4-1Georgian Shores Lightning
AR-CA RS 1610:45 AMSM 4 Oakville Orange Crush0-3Burlington Jr Cougars 2008
PW-CP W 911:00 AMJC Red Oakville Firebirds4-1Nepean Barracudas
PW-BP W 1011:15 AMSM 3 Oakville Broncos0-2Erindale Peewee 073
PW-AP W 1111:30 AMSM 2 Oakville Those Guys3-2Burlington Jr Cougars
PW-DP W 1211:30 AMJC Blue Woolwich Wildcats Peewee LL31-6Hanover Falcons Peewee
PW-AP W 1311:45 AMSM 4 Erindale Peewee 0722-1Oro Thunder Peewee LL 1
PW-CP W 1412:00 PMJC Red Oakville Knights3-5Centre Wellington Peewee Fusion #26
PW-BP W 1512:15 PMSM 3 Oakville Warriors1-1Richmond Hill Kings 2
PR-AP RS 912:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Mustangs2-3Halton Hills Thunder
PW-DP W 1612:30 PMJC Blue Oakville Beasts4-0West London Hawks 15
PR-DP RS 1012:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Huskies0-3Applewood Coyotes
PR-BP RS 111:00 PMJC Red Oakville Phantoms1-4Port Credit Storm
PR-CP RS 121:15 PMSM 3 Oakville St Hilda's Eagles2-1Meadowvale Hawks ME072
PR-AP RS 131:30 PMSM 2 Newmarket Peewee Select0-6LPC 072
PR-CP RS 141:30 PMJC Blue Oakville Tigers4-2Barrie Colts Sky Blue
PR-DP RS 151:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Dark Knights3-0Barrie Blackhawks
PR-BP RS 162:00 PMJC Red Milton Winterhawks2-0Heartland Dragons 072
AW-BA W 172:15 PMSM 3 Port Credit Storm 0532-4Oakville Blizzards
AW-AA W 182:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Red Bulls2-2Oakville Knights
AW-DA W 192:30 PMJC Blue Heartland Dragons 0532-0Oakville Crush
AW-AA W 202:45 PMSM 4 Loyalist Jets4-7Wainfleet Wild
AW-CA W 213:00 PMJC Red Mt Brydges Atom Gold2-0Oakville Stingers
AW-BA W 223:15 PMSM 3 Belmont Rangers0-4West London Hawks
AR-AA RS 173:30 PMSM 2 Meadowvale Hawks 0522-5Oakville Red Devils
AW-DA W 233:30 PMJC Blue West London Hawks team 230-4Fountain Tire Mighty Pucks
AR-CA RS 183:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Orange Crush1-4Oakville Rangers United
AW-CA W 244:00 PMJC Red Sturgeon Lake Thunder6-1Elmvale Coyotes Atom LL2
AR-BA RS 194:15 PMSM 3 Port Credit Storm PC0520-1Oakville Stars
AR-AA RS 204:30 PMSM 2 Cambridge Hawks5-0Windsor Atom Selects
AR-CA RS 214:45 PMSM 4 Burlington Jr Cougars 20085-2Barrie Purple Panthers
AR-DA RS 225:00 PMJC Red Barrie Silver Snipers1-5Oakville Ravens
AR-BA RS 235:15 PMSM 3 WEHL A2 Electric Panthers2-1West Mall Lightning
PW-BP W 175:30 PMSM 2 Oakville Warriors0-2Oakville Broncos
PW-CP W 185:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Knights9-2Oakville Firebirds
AR-DA RS 246:00 PMJC Red Georgian Shores Lightning3-4Burlington Jr Cougars 2009
PW-AP W 196:00 PMSM 1 Erindale Peewee 0724-1Oakville Those Guys
PW-AP W 206:15 PMSM 3 Oro Thunder Peewee LL 11-6Burlington Jr Cougars
PW-BP W 216:30 PMSM 2 Richmond Hill Kings 21-1Erindale Peewee 073
PW-CP W 226:45 PMSM 4 Centre Wellington Peewee Fusion #267-1Nepean Barracudas
PR-AP RS 177:00 PMSM 1 Newmarket Peewee Select2-3Oakville Mustangs
PW-DP W 237:00 PMJC Red Oakville Beasts2-0Woolwich Wildcats Peewee LL3
PR-CP RS 187:15 PMSM 3 Oakville Tigers5-0Oakville St Hilda's Eagles
PR-BP RS 197:30 PMSM 2 Milton Winterhawks0-3Oakville Phantoms
PR-DP RS 207:45 PMSM 4 Oakville Dark Knights1-0Oakville Huskies
PR-AP RS 218:00 PMSM 1 LPC 0724-2Halton Hills Thunder
PW-DP W 248:00 PMJC Red West London Hawks 154-6Hanover Falcons Peewee
PR-CP RS 228:15 PMSM 3 Barrie Colts Sky Blue1-2Meadowvale Hawks ME072
PR-BP RS 238:30 PMSM 2 Heartland Dragons 0721-2Port Credit Storm
PR-DP RS 248:45 PMSM 4 Barrie Blackhawks1-2Applewood Coyotes
Sunday, January 20, 2019
AW-CHA W 258:00 AMSM 1 West London Hawks5-4Fountain Tire Mighty Pucks
AW-CHA W 268:30 AMSM 2 Sturgeon Lake Thunder1-4Wainfleet Wild
AR CHA RS 259:15 AMSM 1 Oakville Rangers United1-0Oakville Ravens
AR CHA RS 269:45 AMSM 2 Oakville Stars5-4Oakville Red Devils
PW CHP W 2510:30 AMSM 1 Oakville Broncos1-3Oakville Beasts
PW CHP W 2611:00 AMSM 2 Erindale Peewee 0728-3Centre Wellington Peewee Fusion #26
PR CHP RS 2511:45 AMSM 1 Oakville Phantoms4-0Oakville Tigers
PR CHP RS 2612:15 PMSM 2 LPC 0722-0Oakville Dark Knights
AW-CHA W 271:00 PMSM 1 Wainfleet Wild3-2West London Hawks
AR CHA RS 272:30 PMSM 1 Oakville Stars3-4Oakville Rangers United
PW CHP W 274:00 PMSM 1 Erindale Peewee 0729-2Oakville Beasts
PR CHP RS 275:30 PMSM 1 LPC 0722-0Oakville Phantoms
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