U18 AAA PTS and Release Information (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

PrintU18 AAA PTS and Release Information

Oakville Rangers Hockey Club
U18 AAA Permission To Skate and Release Information

The below information only applies to U18 (formerly Major Midget) AAA players. If you are not looking for a PTS or a Release for a U18 AAA team please click here for information.

U18 (formerly Midget) AAA Permission to Skate (PTS) and Releases
Please click here to review the OHF Handbook. U18 AAA has its own set of Rules and Regulations that you will need to be familiar with before trying out for a U18 AAA team. Go to the Playing Regulations section of the handbook and look for Regulation J.

16 and 17-year old players are eligible to play for any U18 AAA team within the OHF. If you are playing for your Home Center no additional paperwork is required. If you are not playing for your Home Center you will require a release. The only exception to this rule is if you are returning to the same Club you played for in the previous season.

As per OHF Regulations we can not issue a U18 PTS or Release prior to August 23rd

A U18 AAA Release can only be issued by your Home Center - the below instructions only apply to Oakville Residents trying out for an OHF U18 AAA team outside of Oakville. Requesting a U18 AAA Release is a 2-step process:

Step One: Request A Permission To Skate (PTS)
You will require a Permission To Skate before you attend the U18 AAA Tryout. As per OHF Regulations no Association is permitted to provide Permission to Skate (PTS) forms until on or after August 23rd. Please follow the instructions below to request a PTS:

  1. Go to http://minorhockeyforms.com/Account/Login
  2. Log in to your account
    • If you have forgotten your password click on Forgot Password
    • If you do not have an account click on Register As A New User
  3. Select Minor Oaks Hockey Association from the list of Hockey Clubs
  4. Locate the OMHA U18 Player Tryout Permission Form form and click on Go To Form
  5. Fill out the form then click on Submit

You cannot change your email address on Minor Hockey Forms!
If your email address on Minor Hockey Forms is no longer valid simply create a new account

Please allow 2-4 business days for your PTS Request to be processed. Rush requests will not be accepted. Do not wait for the day of the tryout to request your PTS!! Once approved you will receive an email notification advising you the PTS Form is now available for download. At this point you will log back in to the site where you submitted your request to download the form. You must print the approved PTS and bring it with you to the try out.

Step Two: Request a U18 AAA Release
Do not complete this step until you have been offered a spot on a U18 AAA Team. To request a U18 AAA Release please email Melissa Wolk ([email protected]) with the all of the following information:

  • Player’s Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • What team did they play for last season?
  • Which team are they signing with?
  • Are they a Goalie or a Skater?

U18 AAA Release Requests will only be accepted via email and will not be issued unless you have been offered a spot on a team

Please allow 48 hours for completion. Requests received with incomplete information will take longer. Once approved, you will be contacted via email to make an appointment to pick up the Release at the ORHC Office. Both the player and a parent must be present to sign the waiver when you come to pick it up.