2017-2018 Details (Current Season), Seasons (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

Print2017-2018 Details (Current Season)
  • 15 - 9 - 6
    Novice AAA
    Coached by Frank Broglio, David Luciani, Mike Malloy. Team staff include Daryle Godard, David Gillespie, Charles Freeman. Sponsored by Lawrason's, Policaro, Unifirst, Equality Car & Truck Rental, Make It Happen Media Inc., Bernardi Building Supply.
  • 25 - 3 - 3
    Minor Atom AAA
    Coached by Brent Wagner, Darryl Mcwaters, Jarda Smrz. Team staff include Matthew Croskery, Carrie Fletcher.
  • 11 - 15 - 3
    Atom AAA
    Coached by Will Mansour, Colin Ivey, Sergio Marandola, Roderick Pamenter. Team staff include Nigel Smith, Erika Ivey. Next event: "Picture Day" (9:45 AM-10:00 AM).
  • 4 - 22 - 5
    Minor Peewee AAA
    Coached by Brent Robertson, Dean Van Vliet. Team staff include James Mccully, Ian Dann, Jennifer Delea Mccully.
  • 29 - 7 - 4
    Peewee AAA
    Coached by Jaan Luik, Aaron Jarc, Kyle Morrison, Justin Pereira. Team staff include Bob Zebeski, Mike Lardis.
  • 16 - 8 - 6
    Minor Bantam AAA
    Coached by Christopher Wardlaw. Team staff include Adrianna Bonutti, Cole Buchan, Clayton Kollee.
  • 12 - 13 - 5
    Bantam AAA
    Coached by Michael Derenzis, Dominic Derenzis, Mark Runciman. Team staff include Joel Selinger, Ann Legault, Jordan Selinger. Sponsored by Oakville Home Leisure, Sweatman Law Firm, Aaron's Finest Landscaping, O'Finns Irish Temper, Schiavone Diamond, D-Survey. Next event: "SCTA Bantam Showcase" (1/26/18-1/27/18).
  • 29 - 0 - 4
    Minor Midget AAA
    Coached by Gordon Hynes, Kris Halinen, Jaan Luik. Team staff include Jeff Belgue, Glen Macdonald, Rina Atkinson. Next event: "SCTA Minor Midget Showcase" (1/26/18-1/28/18).
  • 30 - 3 - 6
    Midget AAA
    Coached by Michael Bentivegna, Rob Bentivegna, Scott Lisko. Team staff include Zachery Hartwick. Next event: "Midget Showcase" (1/26/18-1/27/18).
Rep AA
  • 22 - 6 - 3
    Novice AA
    Coached by Marco Armilio, Jeff Gilleland, Chris Lane. Team staff include David Buzzelli, Rob Magri, Julie Marchioli.
  • 36 - 8 - 6
    Minor Atom AA
    Coached by Matthew Nesbitt, Ryan Wood. Team staff include Lance Belchetz, Eldon Low, David Shaw, Derek Stock. Latest news: "Kawartha Lakes Champs" (Sep 18). Next event: "Exhibition vs Humber Valley" (5:00 PM-6:00 PM).
  • 20 - 8 - 2
    Atom AA
    Coached by Zoltan Nemcsek, Barry Adams. Team staff include Paul Grech, Joe Farrell, Melissa Grech.
  • 35 - 15 - 2
    Minor Peewee AA
    Coached by Scott Colwill, Eddie Choi. Team staff include Milt Tsiapalis, Jamie Dinsmore, Geoff Bagnall. Latest news: "MPW AA Team take GOLD in their first tournament" (Oct 04).
  • 22 - 7 - 1
    Peewee AA Red
    Coached by Francis Ligon, Bob Gray, Rod Thacker. Team staff include Joe Farrell, Susan Perry, Liane Beaupre.
  • 7 - 21 - 2
    Peewee AA Blue
    Coached by Bob Langlois, Martin Mclenahan. Team staff include Tom Rokicki, Raj Kandola, Scott Macdonald. Sponsored by ELITE 3 REALTORS, SEVEN SPEED MOTORS, DYNAMIC HEALTH & PERFORMANCE, INLINE FIBERGLASS WINDOWS & DOORS, Pipes & Taps.
  • 26 - 3 - 1
    Minor Bantam AA Red
    Coached by Fabio De Rango, Dominick Hardy. Team staff include Tracy Vincze, Don Churchill, Lauren Caringi, Angelo Marandola.
  • 15 - 10 - 6
    Minor Bantam AA Blue
    Coached by Allen Elson, Pat Carey. Team staff include Brian Birchenough, Stuart Mckay, Bruce Frauley, Carole Sass.
  • 38 - 6 - 4
    Bantam AA Red
    Coached by Paul Gorman, Phil Gawronski, David Harper. Team staff include Charles Abraham, Shawna Gorman. Sponsored by John Willmott Architect Inc..
  • 8 - 18 - 4
    Bantam AA Blue
    Coached by Michael Parker Dundas, Geoff Niblett, Ian H. Taylor. Team staff include Shawn Fisher, Darryl Hughes.
  • 17 - 5 - 5
    Minor Midget AA Red
    Coached by Joe Baldin, Chris Hudson, Petri Lyytikainen. Team staff include Brent Scarrow, Liliana Ionno.
  • 17 - 7 - 4
    Minor Midget AA Blue
    Coached by Jason Mcleish, Paul Jeffrey, Doug Vollans. Team staff include Greg Teague, Chris Shannon.
  • 12 - 6 - 8
    Midget AA
    Coached by Cory Camilleri, Jordan Camilleri, Mark Cece. Team staff include Charles Camilleri, Meghan Smart, Marie De Rango.
Rep A
  • 21 - 9 - 1
    Novice A
    Coached by Randy Oswald, Dan Gilpin, Bill Siountres. Team staff include Sean Norman, Graham Sams, Mirella D'avanzo. Sponsored by Canada Computers. Latest news: "Best of the Best 2017 Tournament Finalists" (Oct 08).
  • 29 - 12 - 7
    Minor Atom A
    Coached by Kuljit Gill, Mike Mcknight, Jeff Morrow, Dino Zarlenga. Team staff include Troy Lindmeier, Ellen Kerr. Sponsored by Lawrasons Inc, Torlys Smart Floors, Speers Flooring, Suncor, TD Canada Trust. Latest news: "Tournament Win" (Nov 28).
  • 22 - 4 - 3
    Atom A Red
    Coached by Greg Newton, Adam Jezewski, Eric Richardson. Team staff include Jamie Ewart, Shane Pepin, Sonia Kalra. Sponsored by Hilco, Hydro One Networks, Tanglewood Dental Office, Dorbar Employee Benefits & Insurance Solutions, Scotia Bank, Al's Auto Repairs Inc. , TD Canada Trust.
  • 17 - 9 - 4
    Atom A Blue
    Coached by Dan Lavallee, Duane Snelgrove, Robert Woolstencroft. Team staff include David Caringi, Paul Russ, Lauren Caringi.
  • 17 - 9 - 3
    Minor Peewee A Red
    Coached by Shawn Wilson, George Benakopoulos, Joel Mcarter. Team staff include Chris Drennan, Alex Janavicius. Next event: "Picture Day" (9:00 AM-9:15 AM).
  • 17 - 13 - 9
    Minor Peewee A Blue
    Coached by Brian Pedlar, Dino Marchioli, Peter O'connell. Team staff include Ken Lecuyer, Mario Nimac, Wynne James, Mark Robinson. Sponsored by Atrium Banquet & Conference Centre, Knowledge First Financial, Total ACH, Powell Insurance Brokers, Roc'n Doc's, Audcomp, Comprehensive Benefit Solutions Limited, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Source Office Furnishings, unboxed solutions inc., DataX, Adrenalin, Clarity Services Inc., Ivari, Boomerang, Crossford Consulting.
  • 24 - 14 - 3
    Peewee A Red
    Coached by George Bach, Stephen Gittens. Team staff include David Brown, Mark Ellis, Karley Gittens, Jason Pitre.
  • 12 - 16 - 3
    Peewee A Blue
    Coached by Mark Pospisil, Steve Dixon, Kevin Harper. Team staff include Todd Delamere, Mark Mazzon. Next event: "TEAM120" (4:30 PM-6:30 PM).
  • 13 - 11 - 6
    Minor Bantam A Red
    Coached by John Verdon, Rob Weir. Team staff include Anthony Turco, Michelle Constantopoulos, Rob Heitzner.
  • 8 - 17 - 6
    Minor Bantam A Blue
    Coached by Jim Chapman, Craig Cooper, David Jesseau, Mike Reid. Team staff include Paul Begin, Sheri Chapman.
  • 21 - 7 - 4
    Bantam A Red
    Coached by Chris Penman, Marty Blake, Donald Simpson. Team staff include Jeffrey Sholdice, Mike Howden, Paul Kranjac.
  • 9 - 18 - 4
    Bantam A Blue
    Coached by Brent Larson, Bill Bolender, Bill Finkle. Team staff include John Um, Mike Greenhalgh, Chris Fluit.
  • 14 - 11 - 3
    Minor Midget A Red
    Coached by Kevin Schledewitz, Danny Wong. Team staff include Chris Gigeris, Bob Langlois, Jimmy Blackwood, Carole Stallworthy.
  • 1 - 23 - 5
    Minor Midget A Blue
    Coached by Geoff Blackwell, Joel Darling, Bradley Webster. Team staff include Michael Feaver, Sheila Darling.
  • 16 - 11 - 0
    Midget A
    Coached by Mark Moro, Ted Blacker, Michael Mcculloch. Team staff include Miles Kealey, Dave Duggan.
Rep AE
  • 24 - 5 - 4
    Novice AE
    Coached by Jeffrey Maddox, Dean Langan, Michael Rogers. Team staff include Asif Ali, Alan Mangaroo, Sonia Kalra. Sponsored by World Wide Technology, Westlake Tires, Cable Control Systems, Mitchell Sandham Insurance Brokers, HODSY Creative Services, Acura of Oakville, CIBC, Scotia Bank. Latest news: "Champions at Ace Bailey" (Oct 28).
  • 20 - 9 - 2
    Minor Atom AE
    Coached by Bryan Woods, Jamie Macdonald. Team staff include Tarnveer Bal, James Clarke, Joe Edwards, Tara Bal.
  • 29 - 0 - 1
    Atom AE
    Coached by Terry Martino, Bradley Bruce, Dave Wilson. Team staff include John Morgan, Rob King, Kathryn Lawrie. Sponsored by Stratigis Capital Advisors, Jamie Vieira & Associates. Latest news: "Tournament Champions!" (Dec 11).
  • 19 - 6 - 6
    Minor Peewee AE
    Coached by Scott Moore, Andrew Folland. Team staff include Pablo Abarca, Todd Gault, Mark Afheldt, Stacey Sinclair. Sponsored by Fieldgate Retirement Living, TWD Technologies, Acura of Oakville, Husson Engineering, Marks Auto Service, No Frills-1395 Abbywood Drive, Reids Heritage Properties, Pappi Lighting, Robert Murphy Architect, Distinctive Fires, Jumbo Burgers, KNYMH Arhiteture Solutions, Royal Doors Ltd, Empire Paving, Fieldgate Properties, New Alliance Ltd, Hampton Securities. Latest news: "Minor Peewee AE Victorious at Richard Bell" (Jan 08).
  • 22 - 5 - 1
    Peewee AE
    Coached by Gregory Lahn, Ted Simpson, Ken Wills. Team staff include Doug Findlay, Todd Parker, Gayle Wadden.
  • 17 - 10 - 5
    Minor Bantam AE
    Coached by Scott Moore, Dan Colagiacomo, Bart Mazzocato. Team staff include Bruce Campbell, Vanessa Blumer, Debbie Van Der Beek. Sponsored by Milwaukee Canada, The Main Event, RBC Wealth Management, GX Transport, Good Dog Digital, Smileworx Dental.
  • 15 - 12 - 4
    Bantam AE
    Coached by Mike Goodfellow, Scott Chornous, Paul Dormer. Team staff include Wayne Myers, Greg Bedard, Sabrina Goodfellow.
  • 15 - 1 - 4
    Tyke 1
    Coached by Michael Hawtin, Nathan Brown, Simon Deschamps, Riley Watson. Team staff include Ted Everson, Jeffrey Steward.
  • 25 - 1 - 1
    Tyke 2
    Coached by Jeff Haydar, Shawn Delahunt, Jake Macleod. Team staff include Todd Nelson, George Benakopoulos, Ellen Kerr. Sponsored by K J Harrison Investors, Tabas Realty Capital.
  • 23 - 1 - 1
    Tyke 3
    Coached by Adrian Ingoglia, Greg Tilley. Team staff include Chris Stadnik, Bernard Rokicki, Shawna Legere, Tony Romany.
  • No Scores ReportedNovice Select
    Coached by Mike Allington, Pat Howe, Christopher Phillips. Team staff include Christopher Schultz, Mark Fleet, Lynda Jackson, Christine Phillips. Next event: "Picture Day" (9:15 AM-9:30 AM).
  • No Scores ReportedMinor Atom Select
    Coached by Paul Dasilva, Rj Mcmahon, Matthew Stone. Team staff include Robert Hamilton, Christian Dasilva, Lorraine Delory. Latest news: "Minor Atom Select Win Their 1st Tournament" (Jan 05).
  • No Scores ReportedAtom Select
    Coached by Aaron Mahoney, Juan Garcia, David Large. Team staff include John Tyminski, Edward Greenwood. Latest news: "Tournament Win" (Nov 23). Next event: "Picture Day" (9:30 AM-9:45 AM).
  • No Scores ReportedMinor PeeWee Select
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
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