Rep Tryouts General Overview (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

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Registration for the 2022 Spring Tryouts is now open! Please Click here to register.

U14 Teams and older will conduct Tryouts in the Spring (April/May)
U13 Teams and younger will conduct Tryouts in the Fall (September)

Spring Tryouts (April/May)
U18: AA, A and AE
U16: AAA, AA, A, AE, and MD
U15: AAA, AA, A, AE, and MD
U14: AAA, AA, A, AE, and MD
Fall Tryouts (September)
U13: AAA, AA, A and AE
U12: AAA, AA, A and AE
U11: AAA, AA, A and AE
U10: AAA, AA, A and AE
U8 and U9 Minor Development (MD)

Need help navigating the Tryout Portal? Click here to download the User Guide.
Questions? Click here to access the ORHC Tryout FAQs

How To Register For Tryouts
Registration is completed online at If you are a returning user enter your username and password to login. If you have not attended a Tryout in Oakville previously you will first need to create an account. Once logged in, on the left-hand side, click on Apply for 2022/23 Tryouts and follow the steps to fill out the form. Note: your Tryout Registration is not complete until you have submitted payment. In this portal you will also be able to monitor the status of your Tryout, review the Tryout schedule, make changes to your registration, and more.

Split Sessions Tryouts
Each of the Tryouts may include one or more "Split Sessions". A Split Session is when a single Tryout Session is split into two individual skates. For example, there could be a Split Session on the Monday at 7:00pm and 8:00pm. This is a single Tryout day, but half of the participants would go to the 7pm skate and the other half to the 8pm skate. In the event of a Split Session you will receive an email from the coach either the evening prior or the morning of the Split Session to inform you which of the two skates you are to attend.

Tryouts for Red & Blue Teams
Most of the ORHC AA and A programs consist of two teams - a Red Team and a Blue Team. If you are registering for AA or A you will first be trying out for the Red team. If you are cut from that Tryout you will then be automatically enrolled for the Blue Tryout at no additional cost..

Mandatory Body Contact Clinics
All U14 players (born in 2009) as well as any U15 (born 2008) and older who have never attended a Body Contact Clinic are required to attend a Body Contact Clinic before attending a Rep Rangers Tryout. You will not be allowed to try out if you have not completed the clinic. Goalies do not have to attend these clinics. Please click here for more information.

Coach Information and Tryout Schedule
The 2022/23 Rep Rangers Coaches and Key Contacts can be found at
The Tryout Schedule is available at

Permission To Skate (PTS) and Waiver Information
If you are not an Oakville Resident or if you played outside Oakville last season it is possible you will require a PTS or a Waiver to be eligible for Tryouts. If you do require any additional paperwork to attend Tryouts, please note it is your responsibility to be aware of the requirement and to provide the required paperwork at the sign-in desk at the first Tryout. If you make the team but failed to provide the correct forms it could interfere with your eligibility to register for the team. For more information on PTS and Waivers please visit

The ORHC strongly believes in keeping Oakville kids playing hockey in Oakville. In support of this belief, the ORHC maintains a policy that Imports and Non-Residents will not be accepted on Rep Teams in AA or lower. While the rare exception to this policy has been made in the past for extenuating circumstances, those exceptions are few and far between. To help enforce this policy, if you are not a resident of Oakville and you are applying for a AA or lower Tryout, the Tryout Portal will not allow you to pay and complete your application until the coach has approved it. If you feel you have an extenuating circumstance that would warrant an approval, please reach out to the Coach to discuss. The coaches and their contact information is listed at