New Player Registrations, Oakville Rangers 2024/25 Registration Information (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

Oakville Rangers 2024/25 Registration Information - New Player Registrations
Registration for the 2024/25 Season is currently : OPEN

How to Register
Your first time registering for Minor Hockey in Canada is a little more involved than it is for returning players, with a few additional steps. Not to worry!! We will walk you through this process step-by-step, and next season you will only need to complete the third step to get registered - it is only the first time you register that you will need to complete steps one and two. It is not a difficult process, and the information below walks you through each task step by step:

Step One
Submit Profile Request Form

Please click here to access the Profile Request Form. This form, and the information it gathers, will be used to create your Player Profile in the Hockey Canada Registry and to get you set up for the next steps. You will receive an email from the ORHC Office when this is complete along with detailed instructions on how to proceed. Please be patient! We turn around these requests as quickly as we can, but it can take up to a week to get your profile created.

Step Two
Complete Parent RIS Course

Once your Hockey Canada Profile has been created we will send you detailed instructions on what the Parent Respect in Sport course is and how to complete it. Only one parent needs to complete the course, and it only needs to be completed once - you will not need to do this every year. The course has a one-time cost of $12 (this fee is set by the OMHA and is subject to change). Do not complete the course until instructed to do so by the ORHC Office!.

Step Three
HCR Online Registration

After you complete the Parent RIS course the last step is to complete the registration! This is done online in the Hockey Canada Registry. We will provide you detailed instructions on how to do so. Payment for your registration will be due at the end of this step. Payment can be made using Visa, Visa Debit, and Mastercard. Cash, Cheques, and eTransfer are not accepted. Do not complete this step until instructed to do so by the ORHC Office!.

This 3-step process is only required for first-year players and will not need to be repeated for future seasons