Mandatory Registration Waivers, Oakville Rangers 2024/25 Registration Information (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

Oakville Rangers 2024/25 Registration Information - Mandatory Registration Waivers
Registration for the 2024/25 Season is currently : OPEN

Mandatory Registration Waivers

Hockey Canada and the OHF have implemented several waivers that are mandatory for all players and volunteers within a Minor Hockey Association. They are as follows:

  • Hockey Canada Agreement
  • Hockey Canada Waiver
  • Rowan's Law Acknowledgement

These Waivers, as well as the ORHC Agreement & Waiver, are presented and accepted as part of the registration process. For your reference, each of them has been listed below as well.

Hockey Canada Agreement
Hockey Canada does not sell, trade or otherwise share the information we collect outside our Members and Associations. However, we may from time to time use this information for the purposes of offering additional services, promotions, including promotions offered by third parties, and/or hockey specific research. This type of usage of your personal information by Hockey Canada, its Members and/or associations is entirely at your discretion.

Hockey Canada Waiver
I certify the information provided to be true and in consideration of the granting of this registration to me with the privileges incident thereto, and by registering I have become subject to the rules, regulations and decisions of Hockey Canada, its Board of Directors, its Members and/or associations which may be restrictive in some areas such as movement from team to team, conduct etc. and I agree to abide by such rules, regulations and decisions of Hockey Canada, its Board of Directors, its Members and/or associations. Further, the information to be provided is required by Hockey Canada to facilitate hockey programs on behalf of the registrant and Hockey Canada. Hockey Canada will treat this personal information with the utmost respect and in accordance with the Hockey Canada Privacy Policy at all times.

OHF Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement
The Ontario Government has enacted Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018, S.O. 2018, c. 1 (“Act”). Ontario Regulation 161/19, the Act requires all sport organizations as defined in the Regulation (“Sports Organization”), which includes the Ontario Hockey Federation (“OHF”), to have a Concussion Code of Conduct. This Concussion Code of Conduct must require participants, as set out in the Act, to review the Ontario Government’s issued Concussion Awareness Resources on an annual basis. A participant is subject to a Concussion Code of Conduct for each Sports Organization a participant registers with. Applicable age appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources are located at

The OHF Concussion Code of Conduct and the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources must be reviewed before you can register/participate in the OHF.

You can review the OHF Concussion Code of Conduct here: OHF Concussion Code of Conduct

You can review the Concussion Awareness Resources via these links:

Oakville Rangers Hockey Club Agreement & Waivers

Rules of Conduct, E-mail Communication, Information Use Policy
I agree to abide by all rules, regulations and by-laws of the ORHC, in this or any successive years of participation, including but not limited to, the Player's Bill of Rights, the Code of Conduct, and ORHC Disciplinary Standards, as amended. By registering with ORHC, the applicant and their parents or guardians acknowledge that they are opting-in to receive email communications from ORHC and that any and all email communications from ORHC to them does NOT constitute SPAM or unwanted email communications.

I further understand that the ORHC collects information about myself, son/daughter and other family members or child guardian such as names, home address, email addresses, telephone numbers, banking information or image and will consider it personal and confidential not already available publicly. I agree that ORHC can use and disclose the provided personal information for purposes of registration, administration of ORHC, OMHA, OHF and Hockey Canada rules and regulations, publishing player, game or event information in such form or deemed as it appropriate to promoting the results and performance of any of the individual player, teams, or divisions or the Association as a whole.

Indemnity, Authorization and Acceptance Policy
I acknowledge and accept on behalf of myself, son/daughter and other family members, that the named participant may be moved within the House League system for the purpose of equalizing teams. It is agreed that any movement may take place subsequent to any initial league or divisional draft and be initiated at the discretion of the ORHC. Further, should the named participant be playing within the Town Rep System, the participant and parent/guardian acknowledge and accept that the participant may be moved within the system (including House League) at the discretion of the ORHC at any time.

For the same consideration, I hereby release and discharge the ORHC and the Corporation of the Town of Oakville and from all claims, demands, damages, actions or causes of action (collective claims), howsoever or whatsoever, arising or to arise by reason of my son/daughter's participation in the ORHC Program, in this or any successive year, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing claims for any and all dental and medical bills, and claims arising out of the use by my son/daughter or other family members of any public or private arena or other facility as may be used by the ORHC, and further of and from all claims whatsoever in law or equity which I, my heirs, executors and administrators or assignees can, shall or may have reason aforesaid.

Photo, Video, and Image Release
I hereby grant the Oakville Rangers Hockey Club ("ORHC") and Ontario Minor Hockey Association ("OMHA") the irrevocable right to use or license others to use worldwide, without compensation, my image or likeness captured during any game, tournament, event or activity in any photographic, video, digital imaging or other audio/visual format for the purposes of publicity, marketing, promotion, news clips, public service announcements, video productions, television broadcasts, and/or website postings during the current hockey season. I also understand that my name may be used in conjunction with such images.