New to Hockey, Oakville Rangers 2024/25 Registration (Oakville Rangers Hockey Club)

Oakville Rangers 2024/25 Registration - New to Hockey
Registration for the 2024/25 Season is currently : CLOSED

Thank you for being a Ranger!!

Registration for the 2024/25 season has not opened as of yet. A notice will be placed on our Home Page when registration opens. If you are a brand new player to organized hockey, in advance of your registration we can get your Hockey Canada Profile setup so you are ready to go when registration opens. To enquire, please contact [email protected] for details. Thank you, and have a great season!

If you are looking for information regarding the BarDown Rangers Spring 3-on-3 Program, please visit

Canada's Game


Canada's Game
By the early 20th century, the international rules of the game had been entirely reshaped to Canadian standards with the nation playing a significant role in not only dominating, but shaping the world of ice hockey.

Fast forward to today, and hockey can be found in small towns and big cities across the country, with players from every background, ethnicity, and age representing the sport.

Hockey has become ingrained in the fabric of Canadian culture, with our global identity being closely tied to our passion and pride for the ice.


The Whole Package
Each game we play we're working together towards a common goal of improving our game and agility, not only for ourselves, but for our our team. Hockey is a dynamic and exhilarating sport, but it is also a physically demanding outlet that promotes both physical and mental health.

Hockey benefits children and adults of all ages in a myriad of mental, physical, and emotional ways - promoting total fitness for the mind and body and essential lifelong skills. From improved gross and fine motor skills to strengthened emotional and physical endurance and a winning attitude, hockey is an excellent sport of choice for those looking to lead an active and balanced life.

We are never bound by a score or the remaining seconds on the clock and we are not afraid to challenge or hold each other accountable. When we play, each player understands their role, and the mindset we bring to each game guides our collective success.

By working together, we win together.

2022 U14 MD Champions

The Oakville Rangers
The Oakville Rangers Hockey Club (ORHC) is one of the largest non-profit organized hockey leagues in North America, with over 3,000 dedicated players and a history back to our inception in 1960.

We offer programs catered to the needs of everyone and have a proven reputation for developing elite hockey players from the ground up.

Ready to become a Ranger?
View our beginner-level programming options below.

Registration Options

Finding the right program for you or your player doesn't need to be difficult. We offer three programs geared towards first-time players of different age groups, with each option teaching the fundamentals of hockey appropriate to both age and skillset. Click on the links below to learn more and to register for these programs.

Jr Timbits Program
Introduction to Hockey

Age: 4 years old (born in 2019)
Length: 19-weeks, October to March
Frequency: 1hr/week


Future Prospects
Beginner-Level Players

Age: 5-8 years old (born 2015-2018)
Length: 19-weeks, October to March
Frequency: 2 x 1hr/week


Accelerate Program
Beginner-Level Players

Age: 9-14 years old (born 2014-2007)
Length: 20-weeks, October to March
Frequency: 2 x 1hr/week


2019 Jr. Timbits

Note: If both the league and the player's parents are in agreement, an advanced 4-year old player may be moved into the U7 Jr. Rangers Program.

Future Prospects
Accelerate Program

Which Program is right for you?

Do you have questions or need assistance choosing which program is right for you? Please don't hesitate to reach out! We can be reached by phone at (905) 338-9220, via email at [email protected], or in person at our office, located at 3070 Neyagawa Blvd in the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, on the lower level across from Rink One. Our office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm and on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00am to 7:00pm. The ORHC Staff works remotely on Mondays and are available by phone or email from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Age Reference Chart

Beginner Programming
The Accelerate Program and Future Prospects Programs
These programs are designed for players that are new to hockey, or inexperienced. The programs focus on learning the fundamentals and core hockey skills such as skating, passing and stick handling. The players registered in this program will benefit from starting with an emphasis on skill development and then a gradual progression to gameplay. As the season progresses and their skills grow and develop, interested players will have opportunities to "graduate" into the Recreational House League program.

Intermediate Programming
Recreational House League
The players in this program generally enjoy hockey, but it is not necessarily their central focus and they enjoy participating in other sports/activities. They are looking for the "traditional" House League experience with one practice and one game per week. The emphasis in this program is on fun. Teams are mixed (instead of being tiered by skill level), and requests to be on the same team as your friends are accepted. These teams will compete against other Recreational House League teams in Oakville, and typically most teams will attend a tournament as well.

Advanced Programming
Advanced House League
The Advanced House League program is the highest level of House League play. It incorporates aspects of both House League and Competitive Rep hockey, with Regional Based play (home and away games) against teams in Mississauga, premium jerseys, and more games - roughly 33% more ice time than the Recreational House League program. These players in this program generally have Rep hockey aspirations. Or, they may not be ready for the full-time commitment of Rep hockey but still want to be challenged and play at a higher level than Recreational House League. This program is intended for players of a higher level of skill relative to other house league players, and these players have likely been playing in the red or advanced division for at least two seasons.

Competitive Programming
Rep Rangers Hockey
The competitive side of hockey, the ORHC is a proud, elite AAA Center offering teams at the AAA, AA, A, and BB levels. Please Note, at U14 and older the A, AA, and AAA Programs are Full-Contact. New for the 2023/24 season, all BB teams are non-contact, and the MD Division has been eliminated. ONLY REGISTER FOR A REP PROGRAM IF YOU HAVE ATTENDED REP TRYOUTS AND HAVE BEEN PRESENTED WITH AN OFFER OF COMMITMENT. For more information about Rep Tryouts, please visit